LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7
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Re: LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7

Well the screen shot you provided does not show up on my Win 7 screen when I try to add a HP 4m plus printer... so how do I get the driver for it?



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Re: LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7

HP actually DID write a LaserJet4 driver for Windows 7, and you have to put in in your Windows 7 machine. BUT, pay attention here, you have to get the HP driver from the MIcrosoft web site by using the "Add Printer" dialogue box in "Windows 7/Start/ControlPanel/HardwareandSound/DevicesandPrinters/Add a printer". HP wrote the driver and then gave it to Microosoft.

My LaserJet4 is physically attached to the Parallel Printer port on my Windows XP PC. Then my Window XP Machine is  connected through my XP Ethernet Port to a Netgear RP614 Router. Then the router is connected to the Ethernet Port on my Windows 7 PC. The XP machine "knows" that the Laserjet 4 is attached to it.  Then I told the Windows 7machine to "Add a New Printer" and told that dialogue box that I am adding a "Network, wireless or Bluetooth printer". Then THAT W-7 dialogue box did a "Searching for available Printers" dialogue and then I "waited for that search to fail to find the LaserJet4"  and then I clicked on the text that says "The printer that I wanted isn't listed". The next dialogue box that opened is titled "Add Printer" and has a Radio Button with the text "Select a shared printter by name" which is followed by a botton labeled "Browse". So I clicked on the "Browse'button and it opened another window titled "Please select the network printer you wantto use and click  Select to connect to it.  So I clicked on the  Icon in that Computer (2) window for my Windows-XP machine where the LaserJet4is attached, then in the next window clicked on the Icon for the LaserJet4 printer and that re-opened  the "Add Printer" window and then the \\computername\printername\ "Browse button text area then showed the network name of the LaserJet4.

Now when I am using a Windows 7 machine like MS-Word to print a document, then the HP LaserJet4 driver in the Windows-7 machine is used by Windows 7 internally to build the "printer file" and then Windows-7 sends the "printer file" over the Ethernet port, then to the router, then to the XP Ethernet Port, then to the XP system print facility and then to the parallel printer port on the XP PC and then tothe HP LaserJet4. The trick is to have the HP LJ4 driver in the windows 7 machine and use it to route the printer file across the "Ethernet Connector-To-The-Router-to-the-XP Machine to its ParallelPort to the LaserJet4 printer.

It really is all that complicated, by MS Word on the W-7 machine doesn't even blink about the network distance to the printer and the little green LED on the LJ4 lights up very fast andthe document all the way from the W-7machine starts printing right away and then the W-7 machoine pops up a little status window at the bottom of the W-7 screen that says "The cocument was successfully sent to the printer." The secret is having the HP Driver for the LaserJet4 in the Windows 7 machine so Windows 7 can print to the Laserjet4.  Ain't this fun ?   Dan McGarigle, El Segundo, CA, USA 

Now Geronimo1130 (Student) dammit - go donate $ 25.00 to your favorite charity (REALLY dammit ! ) for the hour it took me to write this reply to your young butt.   

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Re: LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7

If the LJ 4+ is not on list of printer drivers, I found that in my Vista Biz 64bit OS, the printer driver for the LJ 3390 works just fine for my LJ4+ with duplexer. I believe that any LJ driver with the PCL 5e version of the HP printer control language will work if you do not have the duplex option.

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Re: LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7

I can't get laser jet 4L to work windows 7


I tried Laser Jet 4 Driver -  didn't work


I couldn't find LaserJet 4pcl driver even after populating live update lst of drivers?

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Re: LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7


The solution with the windows update works fine for me, thank you for that!


But i still  have trouble with my LJ 4MV:
I loaded A3 paper in the paper cassette but i won't print on it and uses only the lower cassette with the A4 paper.

And i can't select A3 paper in the printer options on windows.


Do you have any solution to fix this?





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Re: LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7


My 3 yr old Acer Win7 Home Premium 64 bit  doesn' have the Lazer 4, 4M, 4M PLus in the Install Printer HP drop down menu, I understand the need for the Windows update to run on this ystem but any ideas out there when the printer

model seemingly doesn't exist?

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