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Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver

Hi everyone!!


I want to install my HP OfficeJet 7210 All-in-one on my new laptop but at the instalation it keep asking for a hpfmom12.hlp driver.


I had downloaded and installed all drivers posted at the web page from HP but it still asking for this driver.


I don't know what else i can do.


I had try to find it at any driver's webpage but it had been impossible.


Pleaaaase!! HELP ='(




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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver



I had the same problem. My guess is it happens when you try to install the drivers in a different language than the default for your computer.


It's a pretty annoying problem, since it's just a help file that you don't really need. Fortunately, the solution is simple:

Use Windows Search (on XP, Start>Search...) to locate the files manually (probably somewhere in C:\Program Files\HP), then tell the popup window where they are. For me, I had to change ~~~~~\jpn\~~~ to ~~~~~\deu\~~, but yours might be different.


Best of luck, to you and the other 397 views so far... :-b

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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver

I cant find this file on my computer, I know how to search but no file!    hpfmom12.hlp
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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver

For goodness sake, has anyone figured this out?!!!! I have a Mac with Windows XP installed and it took me about 5 minutes to have the printer working.  I've been trying to get this friggin hpfmom12.hlp file problem figured out and NOTHING!  


Hey HP WTF!!!  I just want to print something not control the world.  Please send us a little help here and solve this problem.



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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver

Hi there! Piece pf cake!


You can find the file in your hp directory/digital imaging/{8EA67542-82B6-4c5c-8AD3-CD36232C1362} or {5469D537-9B44-4c78-BF2D-5F9807564F74} (mine was in the last directory.) /enu/drivers/com_lang


for exampel (this was in my case though): C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\{5469D537-9B44-4c78-BF2D-5F9807564F74}\enu\drivers\com_lang and you will find the **bleep** "hpfmom12.hlp" :smileywink:


Best Regards

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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver


Depending on your language you only need to change the three letters bedore the "/driver..."part in de location


 C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\{5469D537-9B44-4c78-BF2D-5F9807564F74}\enu\drivers\com_lang

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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver

[ Edited ]

I am trying to install drivers for the Hp photosmart 2610 printer, by downloading them from the internet. Unfortunatly, the installation was not complete cause of the missing of  the file " hpfmom12.hlp ".

Please, help me to find it, or sended to me  [Edit: Per Guidelines we do not allow personal information on the board to protect your safety.]



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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver

how to get hpfmom12.hlp

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Re: Missing hpfmom12.hlp driver

necesito el driver

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