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I have the Photosmart Plus B209a. I downloaded the complete driver set from the HP website when I could not figure out how to get the installation CD to work. I need to know if HP offers an OCR driver for the scanning function and if so how to locate or install it. I want to scan text that is editable. I read one forum post that said I could locate the OCR driver by downloading the driver set from the HP website and then performing a custom install. I tried that but the installer did not give me that option this time and was going to locate another device. I never saw the custom option. Can someone please tell me how to get OCR capability for my all in one? Thanks.

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I understand that you have installed HP Solution Center. Here is a document that explains how to use the OCR feature:

I am an HP employee.


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Vidya, Thanks for your reply. I'm still not getting a scan to OCR. I'm getting a .tif image to Microsoft Word. When I open the Manage Scan Shortcuts window, I don't have an option to choose an OCR language. I highlight "Document to OCR" and when I click on the button for Advanced Document Settings, that window only has an option to change the Output Resolution for Document as Image even though at the top of the window the label says: Current Scan Shortcut: Document to OCR. Can you help? Thanks.

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We can download the OCR software from the weblink below and install and try to edit the scanned document.


Make sure that the full feature software in installed in your pc before installing the OCR software.


Here is the weblink:

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OK.  I also have a B290A -and I downloaded the big update - Windows 7, 64 bit.  And still no OCR.


On line chat says it should support OCR.  And they pointed me to this same download.  It does not work!  It says: 


This update does not support any of the HP device drivers that you have on your PC. You do not need this software update.


When I go to the configure panels - which are not that intuitive, people - there is NO option that says TEXT or OCR.  And there is no HP OCR IRIS installed on the machine.


What's next, guys?  Can anyone out there do OCR with this gadget?  I had to install my old scanner just to read a couple of pages into text.

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I had the same problem and contacted Support. Guess what? This all-in-one doesn't ship with an OCR program!

Support's reply;

HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One Printer -B209a is shipped with version13 of HP software that does not include the OCR software. Therefore, I recommend installing the OCR software.
Link to access the OCR software:

Click on the link mentioned below to access the file:

1. When the link is opened, click on 'hpcom_OCR_130_003.exe'.

2. Once the window appears to Run or Save the file, click on Save and save the file in the required location (Recommended: Desktop).

3. Right click on the saved file in the destination location & choose 'Run as administrator' to extract and run the file.

This will initiate the extraction of the software file. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

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Is OCR software available for a Macintosh (OS 10.5) used with the HP Photosmart All-in-One? I need to scan text that can be saved as Microsoft Word.

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Outstanding!  I had given up on this.  Glad I came back to check on any replies.


You have it!  It works!  Many thanks.


This forum should forward updates to folks who have signed up and posted.

Microsoft does that!!


Thank you very much.:smileyvery-happy:

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After sitting at my computer for over an hour trying to figure out where the OCR was on my B209a printer, I read your response and solution. Your link was perfect. Thanks for taking the time to help out online.

Bob from Sunny AZ

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GREAT! This works on my F4400 all in one. Thanks $$$$

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