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missing trayapp and cd

I no longer can find install cd, I keep getting message to reinstall trayapp. can I download this and tell trayapp install screen where to find it?



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Re: missing trayapp and cd

When you get the error for missing trayapp.Download full feature software and drivers from After extracting the downloaded file. Go to your my document's folder. Click tools, go to folder options and make sure to enable "show hidden folders". On the missing trayapp error message, click browse, go to my computer, go to disk drive C:, go to user and document settings, open the folder that has your login name, look for application data > local > temp > open a folder named 7z345 or any folder that has 7z for a file name.. open setup > open trayapp > then click trayapp.msi and click open.. a long process but that should solve your missing trayapp problem.. if you need help, i suggest you call hp..


hope this helps..

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Re: missing trayapp and cd

What are you refering to as sull software?  I have tried downloading software and drivers with no success...
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Re: missing trayapp and cd

I know I'm very late to the game, here, but I just experienced this Tray App problem, and the suggested fix does not work in every case.  In fact, I could not get the new driver software for my PSC-2410  to install sucessfully because it could never find Tray App.msi, no matter how many places I told it to look.


I even went so far as to hunt up my original HP install disk from six years ago; I kept getting the message that the Tray App. msi programs I was pointing the installation to were not valid.  Even though they were the HP Tray App install packages!


Of course, this meant that Tray App tried to resurrect its installation at every re-boot, at least 20 times during the boot up, requiring me to cancel it every time.  The official error in this case was 1706; sorry, I did not copy down the exact message, and I have no intention of looking for it again!


I should add that my OS is XP Home, and that I keep it updated.


It turns out that un-installing the driver package, and re-installing it with AVG 9 disabled solved this problem for me.  I don't recall the installation script mentioning disabling anti-virus software before installing; I'm sure it may have at some point, but I'm just a few too many iterations into this to recall.  But, it is apparently necessary, at least with what I'm using, since it somehow fooled HP software into thinking that it's own Tray App install package was invalid.


Hopefully, this may save someone some hours.





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Re: missing trayapp and cd

I had to move my printer to another pc and uninstalled the printer and drivers.  That was a few months ago, now all of a sudden I'm also getting the Tray App.msi  error. 

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Re: missing trayapp and cd

Wow-wow-wow... that worked!!! 

Thank you


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Re: missing trayapp and cd

TrayApp installation  keeps showing up on my screen, it came up out of nowhere and I can not get rid of it. Also, shows an ERROR 1603?  Tried a PhotoSmart 1000 CD, did not work. Have a hp zv 5160us. Seems to be effecting printing from my PC.

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Re: missing trayapp and cd

I need the tray app.

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Re: missing trayapp and cd

I fnally got rid of the "trayapp" error yesterday!!!!  I went to my Windows Defender and under "category", I chose start up programs, scrolled down to my HP all in one and clicked "remove" and then I clicked "refresh".  The tray app no longer appears at start up!!!!  It's funny, because I actually called HP about this a couple of months ago and they told me that without the cd, there is no way to remove this!!!  Because of this annoying error, I will never buy an HP again!!!!! 

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Re: missing trayapp and cd

I discovered yesterday that this issue can come from HP camera software also.  I upgraded a laptop to Windows 7 and it started having these problems.  I uninstalled all the HP camera software (4 or 5 applications) and the problem disappeared.


The HP printer on the system was a LaserJet printer (not all-in-one) so it didn't need trayapp.


I hope this helps.



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