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Finally got my D110A set-up wirelessly!!!!!! try this if you're having problems....

Just a heads-up and and future reference for anyone having problems connecting their HP printer wirelessly.



got a HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop two weeks ago (love it so far!). Also got a linksys e2000 router. Had a little difficulty setting it up but cisco support walked me through it. all fine and running perfectly with my wifi.


then got a HP D110a and was trying to set it up. after trying with the setup CD that came with the printer. it couldnt do it. the setup seemed simple enough. but during the installation, it would reach the screen that asks if u want to set up via USB or wireless. i selected wireless and it would run and then go back to the original USB/wireless screen. tried WPS setup and still nothing. got fed up and called HP support. after 3 hours on the phone they were no help. 


it seems my printer connected to the router: when u pressed the blue wifi button it would show my network and the printers IP address, when i typed in the printers' IP address in my computers' browser i could see it, but it would say it wasn't connected.   same thing when i opened up "HP Solution Center"...printer there, but it was offline. Same thing when i tried 'Devices and Printers' in windows. Same thing when when i tried printing via MS Word and Excel. Ran Network dianostics report from the printer and