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HP LaserJet P1505n

When i log into the web based configuration setup for my HP LaserJet P1505n printer, i get a un/pw logon .. Im not sure what it is or even what the default un/pw is. Does anyone know? Or how can I just reset it? Any ideas?
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Re: HP LaserJet P1505n

Pretty amazing / depressing this has not been answered yet.  I have the same issue and may have to discard the printer if a solution is not found.


Why are the default credentials for the printer not in the manual?


Why is there no apparent way to reset the network interface (pressing the Go and Cancel together just prints a config page)?


Why has nobody from HP answered this question?

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Re: HP LaserJet printer

I have had this problem to the point my HP Pavilion wouldn't see the printer.  I had TO REINSTALL Jet card and then turn it printer on and of once or twice to have it see it,  Then I could assign it an IP and put it in a work group
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Re: HP LaserJet P1505n

I was on the phone with support for over an hour having this problem with my p1505n.  What we finally figured out on how to reset the network config was:

1. Turn off the printer

2. Hold the "GO" and "Cancel" buttons at the same time.

3. Press and release the power button while still holding the "Go" and "Cancel" buttons.

4. Release the "Go" and "Cancel" buttons after about 6 seconds after you press the power button.



See if that works on resetting the network config.  I just bought the printer so i have not tried to login to the network interface.  Will try when i get home from work this evening.


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Re: HP LaserJet P1505n

I am able to reset the network settings to default with the below instructions. It usually takes 3-5 minutes for the settings to reset.


1. Turn the printer off

2. Hold in Green and Red

3. Turn on Printer (Keep Buttons Pressed for 5 Seconds)

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Re: HP LaserJet P1505n

After change password note that you have to login with "Admin" (note the uppercase "A")

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Re: HP LaserJet P1505n

I thought I'd forgotten/lost the password to one of my P1505n's when I couldn't login to the web interface with any of my usual passwords, but turns out it was just that I was entering 'admin' instead of 'Admin'.


Which genius at HP thought it would be a good idea to make a case sensitive username with capitalisation?


Thanks for the post - saved me some hassle.

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Re: HP LaserJet P1505n

where anyone able to use it with IPv4 this printer? I read something that it works with IPv6 i tried to restart but on every row in the Network Information it is written "not available" this printer was used in our lan and it was used with IPv4 but after 2 years i took out from the shelf and cant use it in the network, i am not able to find out what i need to do.





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