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HP Wireless Printer J6480

I just bought this wireless printer thinking that I could use it for my laptop and can't get it to work.  IT is hooked up usb on my desktop.


My laptop is a Dell d810 which has wi fi and it connects to my wireless router , but can't get it to hook up with the printer. Called HP twice and they are no help.


Does anyone know how to hook my laptop up to the printer?:smileysad:

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Re: HP Wireless Printer J6480



You will have to call HP about that issue because they have a special team that will help you install the printer to your wireless network.

 And also tell the level 1 agent what errors you encountered during the installation.  Usually this printer will work usb connection first then after that you will have to delete the printer icon in the printers folder in control panel then you will have to insert the installation disc then add a device, this time through the network/wireless.

After installation you will then disconnect the usb cable.

Please keep me posted.....

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Re: HP Wireless Printer J6480

Thank You I will try again....
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Re: HP Wireless Printer J6480

I literally just installed the printer on my Dell laptop about an hour ago. Here are the steps I took:


1.  Insert disc, wait for main screen to load.

2.  Select "Install Wireless/Network Device" from main menu.

3.  Select the tye of installation you want (basic or advanced), then follow the prompts.

4.  You will come to a screen asking you to either set up the printer or find it on the network (if already configured for wireless).  Select the appropriate option.

5a.  If you have not set up the printer at all, it will ask you to connect the USB cable to the printer.  Go ahead and do that, then follow the steps for entering your wireless network information.

5b.  If the printer is already connected to the wireless, you can simply select it from the list.

6a.  Once the wireless network settings have been verified and transferred for the printer, the installer will ask you to detach the USB cable.

7.  Follow the prompts until the process is complete.  You will be all set up and ready to go.

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Re: HP Wireless Printer J6480

Try this:


I hope that helps...should you have questions...let us know

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Re: HP Wireless Printer J6480

I need HELP!  My HP computer needs to be connected to my HP Officejet 6480 all-in-one.  I don't have a USB cable





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Re: HP Wireless Printer J6480

connecting Wireless to HP  j6480 printer

Problem is when I go to menu and press wireless network printer option.  It’s just press menu then use the arrow keys on each side of the OK button.  Then press down to Wireless Network Wizard.  Press the OK button.  I think the Wireless Network Wizard is the third option down when you are in the Wizard.  It will then ask you for the wep for your router.  I have the Verizon Jet pack from Verizon.  But I assume you could use any router.  My router wep was all numbers for example 99000627xxxxx all numbers.  I tried and tried and kept putting in the wep but it kept coming back wrong wep code.  What I did not watch was the numbers I was putting in were wrong.  For example when I was putting in 990000627XXXXX that was not being put in.  What was being put in was something like ypt$&^ etc.  I did not know when you were putting in the numbers you had to keep pushing on the 9 key until a nine came up, then it would go to the next number you had to put in.  You had to do the same for the second, third, fourth and etc until you entered all of the code.  Then the wireless router connected.  Why does someone not tell you that.


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