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LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem



I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I installed a new Laserjet CP1025nw a couple of months ago. I got everything working fine wirelessly as per the instructions. It has worked without problem since then ... until today.


Documents just sit in the print queue. They will not print.


Sending a test page wirelessly works fine.


Printing documents on an older wired Epson Inkjet printer I have attached works fine too.


I have tried connecting a USB cable again but cannot get it to print that way either. I have tried making it the default printer, and not. I have searched the support forum but been unable to find anything to help. I have used the Windows troubleshooting diagnostic but that seems to indicate everything should be okay. I have installed the HP diagnostic and that all tells me everything is okay.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

I have exactly the same issue.


Nothing I do in the way of upgrades, reinstalling, etc etc helps. Starting to bug me....

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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

I am running the same printing problem (Win 7 64 bit (on a "new" Sony Vaio), CP1025nw, problem turned up all of sudden - as I see it after HP critical update this summer re communication problem): the documents stay in the printing queue and the printer is reported as off-line.

I have a wireless home network where both my HP printers and all the computers are pingable, though. All firmware has been updated, incl the router firmware. The HP printer driver packages used are the latest available on the HP website.


I have been assisted by Swedish HP Support and received lots of suggestions and performed and documented them all (the Support tend to repeat themselves after a while) to no avail: remove, uninstall, re-install, system recovery, taking down fire wall, diagnostics (says OK after taking down fire-wall), installation via USB, changing ports, etc.


A couple of interesting oddities stand out:

a) It is only my PC in the network that faces the problem, the other Win 7 PC in the network did never take the critical update referred to.

b) The other PCs (XP primarily) in the network are not affected at all

c) The same problem embraces the printing with HP Photosmart 6180 using the full function driver package

d) Both printers, 1025 and 6180, perform well in the session during which I have made the printer installation of the full function driver packages on the Sony Vaio - but not after restart of the PC

e) the 6180 can print  also after restart of the PC but only using the basic driver package (but the Solution Center is not available: parsing error)


I would be very grateful for both recognition of the problem and suggestions/instructions on how to resolve this problem.

Thought: If I would reinstall the whole PC and then re-install the printers, will the result be the same due to incompatible/defective HP drivers?

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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

Hi, same problem, I tested Wireless and cable and from diferent PC with different OS.


This is really annoying !

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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

I wonder if any of the contributors to this thread has found any solution like total re-installation of the PC and if so what were the effects and possible special steps to take when re-installing the HP CP1025nw?

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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

Same problem. Temporarily fixed when I run reconfigure from programs>HP, but ultimately drops again.
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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

I am the one with the Sony Vaio, Win 7 64bit, and have commented previouosly in this thread.

Now I have have taken the next step as per instructions from HP Support.

1. Delete HP Folder from Program Files and Program Files (x86). The latter was impossible to delete.

2. Do Run and run 'regedit'.

3. Make copy of present Registry using menu File and do export (as safety precaution)

4. Delete HP and Hewlett packard folders in the catalogues: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\, nothing else


After this I checked Control Panel , Start, and Task Manager and found some HP items still there. Did my utmost to erase them using Window delete functions, REVO and Registry Booster. hppcp1025LaserJetService (in Control Panel list) persisted along with some Services in Task Mgr.


Continuing according to HP Support instructions (but now with little hope only) I did


5. Re-installation of CP1025nw driver package: I choose the Basic option from the HP web which is supposed to be followed installation-wise by an update dated 2011-09-20 (Swedish version).



a)  after Basic installation, before update installation and before restart of PC: writing can be performed via the network, "Device settings" in Windows menu not available though

b) after Basic installation and  update installation and before restart of PC: writing can NOT be performed via the network. Ping status not investigated

c)  after Basic installation and update installation and before restart of PC: writng can not be performed via the network. Device settings via Windows and ping connection functions well though, although the printer is reported by Windows "Devices and printers" as off-line.


So now I may do a total recovery. There may be two outcomes after the recovery as I see it:


A. Printing goes well with the CP1025 via the network, also after installation of all necessary applications now residing on the PC (and which resided on the PC before this summer´s HP date)

B. Printing does not function with the CP1025 via the network, connections with other HP printers on the network also severely restricted (as today). Then the only conclusion would be incompatibility between HP 2011 drivers for the CP1025 and the Sony flavour of Win 7 64 bit Professional. And I would have to (again) claim the driver package as faulty.


The alternative would be to forget about the CP1025 already now.

Any suggestions?

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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

Some problems I have experienced printing with the cumbersome CP1025nw.  Running Mac OSX.


It seems that often communication problems occur.  Have spoken with online help desk who are helpful but the driver really leaves a lot to be desired.  


To print, often I have to delete my printer driver in system preferences (print and fax icon).  I print a test page and get the IP address of the printer, and re-install the driver.  "Laserjet socket or something" is option I follow.  Only then it prints.


Upon printing, sometimes jobs are not completed. To get the next job to print you have to delete the previous job from the print queue for that printer (located in same place in print and fax icon). 


Another thing that confuses the printer is using another printer.  Once again I re-install the driver.


I have deleted and re-installed my printer driver at least 10 times to print jobs.  Quite annoying when facing time constraints and wanting, for instance, to print a single page.


I would not recommend this printer to someone unfamiliar with computers.    Help desk online is great but once your access to that expires you will be on your own without support or a printer driver of marketable quality.  


On the up side when the printer is working in Mac OSX it will work in Windows 7 Parallels (VMWare) by simply selecting the printer for use.  


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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

I have had the same problems with my HP CP1025nw.  After going throught the same procedures as you, I found a resolution.   I donated the HP 1025 and bought a Canon.  I hated to do this to the charity, but they may find someone who can make it work.  I lost my patience with it.  If the CP1025nw is an example of HP's products, they are producing garbage.  No more HP for me...

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Re: LaserJet CP1025nw Printing Problem

I developed teh same problem.  Two days ago everything was working fine & I come into my office this morning and it will not print over the built in wireless.  I have a desktop computer attached to the CP1025nw via a usb cable and it works just fine.  ANyone have an idea as to what the problem might be?  I have already removed and reinstalled the printer and still nothing works.  Thank you.

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