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eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer



Just picked up a Photosmart eStation C510 the other day.  I'm having some sort of disconnect between the zeen device and the printer.  Whenever I try to execute a printing command with the zeen, I get an error message stating that "The printer is unavailable on the wireless network.  Dock the zeen, make sure the printer is turned on, and continue."    This happens whenever I try to print anything from the zeen, execute a "copy" command from the zeen, or try to eFax from the zeen.


On the 'wireless settings' page, the zeen device is connected to my wireless network, but under Printer wi-fi, it says my printer is not available.  When I try to sync the networks, the sync is performed and it tells me it was 'successful,' but the above problems remain.  The zeen cannot tell me what the ink levels are on the printer.


The printer is turned on, and the 'wireless' light on the printer is on.


Whenever I try to print anything from a computer on my wireless network however, it works just fine.  On the hp solution center, and the ePrint center, it states that the printer is connected and ready.  I can scan documents using the hp solution center without any difficulty.  I can see what the estimated ink levels are on the hp solution center.  So my printer must be connected to my wireless network, even though the zeen claims it's not.



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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I have the EXACT same problem. I changed the router and reset the wifi on both but the zeen now can't find the printer at all.

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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I'm having the same struggle.  Has anyone received feedback on how to fix this problem?

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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

HP has been silent on this issue for months.  Anyone get any resolution yet?  This printer is virtually unusable from the Zeen device.

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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I'm having similiar issues. In wireless settings on the zeen, printer wi-fi is grayed out. I had the same issue with the first printer and was sent a replacement. Everything installed fine and it worked wireless for a couple of weeks. One day it said the printer was offline. I thought the printer was too far from the router causing it to lose connection so I moved the printer next to the router. Same thing, no connectivity, same grayed out printer wi-fi in wireless settings.


This does not seem to be an isolated problem. Time to call tech support again and demand another printer. Maybe if they get a look at the number of replacement printers they are having to ship, we might get some response from HP.

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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I've had this eStation since the end of January. First I thought the problem was my home network but figured that it wasn't the problem because I could still surf the web on the Zeen and print directly to the printer from my iphone4 and laptop. Then I thought I would wait a while for Hp to figure out that there was a problem and send out a fix update. NEGATIVE! And now I can't get the new Adriod 2.2 update because the Zeen/Printer connection is lost everytime it shuts down...and it has to shut down to install the update!


Come on Hp..fix it already! I shouldn't have to do a factory reset everytime I want to use the printer with its monitor.


P.S. I spoke to another tech about this issue today and they're still clueless. He directed me to their network connection site. This is very disappointing.

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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I have the same dang problem.  My printer is now a $350 dollar paperweight and I'm so peeved.  I want my money back!

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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I have this device and have seen this issue too but it's more intermittent.  What I have done to fix this issue is power cycle both the Zeen and the Base station/printer. 


1)  On the base station/printer you have to hold the button down for about 5-10 seconds, when you let go it'll chime and turn off. 

2)  Turn off the Zeen.

3) Dock the Zeen then power up the base station/printer


I also check for updates to the Zeen about once a month.


Sorry this isn't a real fix and hopefully this will help some of you.

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I was wondering if you maight be able to send me in the right direction. I am having problems in two areas. Updates and text scanning. 


For the Zeen updates I show an update available but my only choices are 'cancel' and 'update later'.  The 'update' option is greyed out. It is synced with the printer because I was able to operate the printer from the Zeen amd I ran the sync option in the 'settings' menu.  But despite turning it and the printer off and on and the Zeen showing synced it still days it is not docked.  Turning my printer on doesn't turn my Zeen on.  Docking the Zeen does, so I am unsure how to successfully acheive your suggestion.


My other issue is that I have no text file options in my scanner settings.  I have installed the printer twice.


Thanks for any help or directions you may be able to provide.


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Re: eStation C510 - Disconnect between zeen and printer

I have been talking to HP support  a few times on this topic and the calls always ends that "I will have an advanced technician call you" but it never happens.


I the printer works really nice and the zeen is really nice but they simply do not work together out of the box. It is a shame that HP ship this typ of untested solutions to customers.


As a quality manager I would,

Start with containing the problem by not selling this product until the product was tested and ready for the market.

Contact all customers that is possible to contact to find out the magnitude of the problem.

Offer a temporary solution to all customers with a problem with this printer solution or compensate for the missing functionality.

Work on a permanent solution.

Release the product for sales.


Looking forward to s solution from HP on this matter





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