HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems
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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

Well, it's been almost a year since I created this thread, and I thought I'd check back in and see how HP has done in resolving it.  Well, it's safe to say that they have done absolutely nada.  Great job, HP!  I have seen people get brand new 4620s to have the same problem recur within a week. I have seen people try new routers to have the problem persist. I have a seen a lot of time-wasting suggestions about tweaks in settings and firmware upgrades that the authors themselves are not sure of. I have seen a lot of "try this" and "try that", when what I think we should be seeing from HP is an affirmitive "do this, and the problem will be fixed."  Since we have seen nothing of the sort, all I can conclude is that there is not a solution to this problem, which means the product design is flawed.


To save people a lot of time, this is how the 4620 should be viewed: This is a cheaply-made printer that was intended to be used in non-wirless (cabled) environments. It does have wireless capability, but this feature is highly limited due to the poorly designed sleep mode which renders the printer useless every 15 minutes. The solution is to use this printer in cabled environements only, in which it will respond to a print command most of the time.


Sure would be nice to see one of those HP Techs man up and say, "Yeah, you got us... This product doesn't work right in wireless environments, and there ain't jack you can do to fix it!"

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

Thank you. Reached the same conclusion. It is a cheap printer. Granted. But that was what I wanted for my vacation home. Except that I wanted the other feature that it is SUPPOSED to have, which is wireless printing. Not likely to buy another HP printer of any kind, cheap or expensive, after this experience.

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

Hi, Whilst I agree with comments about how HP has a worthless forum as it does not seem to bother, respond or give any feedback at all, I also disagree with one contributors comments about the rest of us suggesting  -'time-wasting suggestions about tweaks in settings and firmware upgrades that the authors themselves are not sure of. I have seen a lot of "try this" and "try that"...' - the author should also understand the chronological process and where (until HP gets their fingers out of their @#$%es) the community will test and attempt different possible solutions until one is found or give up. 


In my case I explained where I did an upgrade to the latest flashed firmware..... It actually PARTLY solved the problem whereby after the upgrade I still get the same problem ONCE ONLY, then after a power cycle and for the rest of the day/session the printer behaves itself and operates without fault!


But, as an embedded hardware/software design engineer, I find this new symptom suprising as it also indicates the printer must hold some type of flag in NOVOL - which in its turn is activated by the PC based driver software having detected a printer failure (the original fault) and then after the printer has been restarted and the user has tried a reprint it then triggers and the printer works the rest of the time without problem!




Another analytical  point is that at the moment people have to get out of their chairs 2 times per print instead of 1, or maybe they use a 'gofer' or other slave to actually 1 - cycle the printer and 2 - get the printout!


This is my last contribution to this forum so now you may all be glad and rejoice on that!

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

Point taken. No disrespect meant to you or other contributors.


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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

I am having the same problem.  I want to know how to remove sleep mode altogether.  It should be an option to conserve power, not a necessity.

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

I can't remember if you can actually turn this off in this model but hopefully my thread I created as a collection of all the different forum posts about this issue helps you.


--Printer Will Not Respond to Touch and Network Communication is Lost--

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

This is totally. Correct. I have watched to the second how the sleep mode does this. I enabled direct printing to make it slightly easier than going to the printer to recycle but it is nothing other than HP.
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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

These settings are for setting up your wireless printer to stay connected to your router, keep wireless devices better connected and make your router secure and hack proof.


1. Set a static IP in the printer (click here) outside the DHCP range of the router (check your manual). 

    This is for Linksys routers but can be used for all routers.  Verify your DHCP range and change this

    first if needed.  More Wireless Printing help is here.

2. Verify in the printer that 'Auto Off' is disabled.  Use the Embedded Web Server (EWS) by going to the  

    printers IP address in your browsers address bar, click  Settings Tab/Auto Off.  Or use the Printer

    Assistant, Printer Home Page (EWS). 


In the router:  (Refer to your router manual for information)


3. Use a fixed wireless channel like 1, 6 or 11, never 'auto', try channel 1 first then the rest. 

4. Set router to 20Mhz only, or 145Mbps depending on router. 

5. Always use WPA2-AES (Personal) encryption, but you can try ‘mixed’ mode. 

6. Disable WPS and never use it and disable UPnP for the routers security.  Nobody can hack your

    system now and helps with wireless connectivity (if you want to know why, search the web). 

7. If you have a dual band router (2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz bands), make sure the SSID’s are NOT the same,

    they must be different for all bands, even for any Guest networks. 

8. Save all settings.  Power off both, wait 2 mins.  Power on router wait 2 mins. 

9. Power on printer and verify it reconnects to router. 


Windows 7/8/8.1   Is Network Discovery on or off?

  1. Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network and Sharing Center/Advanced sharing settings.

  2. Under Home or Work (current profile) / Network Discovery.

Select "Turn on network discovery" and save changes.

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Re: HP 4620 Sleep Mode Printing Problems

I have all but thrown this HP Officejet 4620e against the wall. I am having issues with it going to sleep and dropping connection. I looked at your suggestions and went to preferences and sleep mode is there BUT no option to disable it of course the only choices are to set it to 15 min or 5 min. How obsurd.  I need someone to help resolve please

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