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Laserjet Pro M1212nf - receive fax to computer. HOW?

It was my understanding that the Laserjet Pro M1212nf was able to receive a fax, and 'send' it to my PC, so I can preview it and decide if it was to be printed or not.  Correct? - or not?  I see on the 'control panel' (on the front of the printer) a configuration to "Stop Receive to PC" (which in my effort to make this work, this setting nows says 'turned off'' - and maybe this is incorrect if I DO, in fact, want to send a received fax to one of the PCs on my 'mini' network of two computers).  According to what I see in the help files, this is ordinarily done from the HP tool box - but the option to select this is 'grayed out', and neither computer is able to make this selection. So if this is not the correct setting for this to work - how do I turn it back on? I've turned off my firewall software (Norton 360) and tried everything I can think of....  I've un-installed all the HP software when I installed the printer and re-installed... but I am 'lost' with how to use this feature... IF it actually exists for this printer....

A little help, please...?

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Re: Laserjet Pro M1212nf - receive fax to computer. HOW?

Well... I am beginning to wonder if this printer is what he should have purchased, now...    Not only can we not receive a fax to a newtworked PC so that he can view received faxes before printing (as it seems should be possible) - it also appears that the FAX reception won't 'discriminate' (if that's the right word) incoming faxes from incoming voice calls, and automatically receive an incoming fax....

As much as I dislike a setup like this in this office, this installation has an answering machine connected to the same line, as well and no matter how I've tried to configure this, it will not pick up an incoming fax unless we 'manually' hit the fax receive button on the front control panel.

That's not to say it will not receive automatically ... It will receive if the control panel is set to 'automatic' receive, or if set to 'tel/fax' - but this setup then 'bypasses' the answering machine ... which the owner insists must be connected to this telephone line as well. I thought I understood that the 'TAM' setting  on the receive confiiguration was intended to discriminate fax tones and start the automatic fax reception..?  So, is there a 'trick' to this or something?

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Re: Laserjet Pro M1212nf - receive fax to computer. HOW?


HP do have the support for the receiving to computer setting,

As my suggestion:
you can use the CD to install additional software for the Printer,
you will find HP Toolbox of in the Start Menu> HP> HP Laserjet Pro M1212nf > HP Toolbox,

find the the Fax Task inside the HP tools, it will have the selection to receive the fax to computer.


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