M1212nf - Unable to set fax mode 'receive to pc' (1812 Views)
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M1212nf - Unable to set fax mode 'receive to pc'

Hi all,


I have a small problem with my new AIO.  I've set it up to work over my network and both my MAC and PC can print, scan and send faxes, the machine receives and prints faxes without issue. The thing I am having problems with is setting the machine to 'receive the faxes' to a computer.


1. I installed the software on my PC and the menu is greyed out, can't change from the default of printing the faxes.

2. Contrary to the documentation, the MAC has an option to receive the faxes, which I enabled but it doesn't work.


I did a factory reset between each software install because by the reading the manual (hard to do for a bloke) you can 'turn off' the send faxes to pc in a menu option, but there is no option I can see that turns it back on again if you want to change computers.. (unless I missed something) a bit annoying.


So my question.  The MAC  has the software / menu options to allow it to receive faxes by software, but it doesn't work and the PC also has the software but the option is greyed out any ideas what I can do?


Any help/solutions would be appreciated?





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Re: M1212nf - Unable to set fax mode 'receive to pc'

I have the exact same problem with my M1212nf.

I have 5 PCs on the network and non of them has the option enabled.

Please help.

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Re: M1212nf - Unable to set fax mode 'receive to pc'

I have the same problem and i haven't  find any solution. Have you resolved the question?


Sorry for English and tanks



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Re: M1212nf - Unable to set fax mode 'receive to pc'

Had the same problem.

Decided to connect the m1212nf directly via USB to one of the PCs.

After a reboot, I could select the receive fax to computer via the USB connection.


Guess it does not work via ETHERNET.


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Re: M1212nf - Unable to set fax mode 'receive to pc'

Exactly,with hp m1212nf only set up fax by connected usb, I am new member, could I Have a question a bout hp m1212nf?
Who do you know how to send fax from pc to hp m1212nf?
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Re: M1212nf - Unable to set fax mode 'receive to pc'

If you have a question about how to send a fax from your PC, check out the section titled "Send a fax from the software" in the link below:


--Sending a Fax HP LaserJet M1212nf--


If this doesn't answer your question, what is the operating system of the computer you are trying to send a fax from (ex. Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X, etc) and how is the printer connected to this computer (USB, wireless, or Ethernet?  Can you send a fax without using the computer? I'm happy to help!

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