OJ 8600 Pro - black lines on scans and copies (1191 Views)
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OJ 8600 Pro - black lines on scans and copies

OfficeJet 8600 Pro - All in One.

I am getting black lines on scans and copies.  I can follow the steps in HP Customer Care and get rid of them.  Resetting the printer does this.  I would like to get a more permanent solution though because it happens frequently and resetting the printer once a week is quickly becoming irritating.

If these lines can be caused by static charge - has anyone tried to ground the outside of the printer, or used some other static mitigating devices successfully?

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Re: OJ 8600 Pro - black lines on scans and copies

On 3/20/12, HP support just told me to remove any surge protector and plug it directly into the wall socket. The printer supposedly has surge protection built in.
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Re: OJ 8600 Pro - black lines on scans and copies

I had this problem too.  In another forum a person said they'd hooked up the HP 8600 to their Mac and so I thought, oh, maybe that's it and then had success printing, no lines, from my HP.  BUT even there sometimes I'd get the black lines!  I changed the color paper setting to "Other photo" (because I wanted to use cheap, but good quality Kirkland paper from Costo).  NO LINES!  I was going to bring this printer back, but now do not have to.


I'm going to keep researching re:  the MAC problem, it may have been I hadn't set the paper choice right there, too.


It's good the ink cost per Consumer's Report IS low because I sure wasted a lot figuring this out.

Hope this works for you and others!

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