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When I try to scan some thing I get this message. The LCD list needs to be upgraded. I went to the solution center and followed the solution but it didn't work. What should I do know. Thanks Muggs.
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Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

Did anyone get a response to this issue?  Because I'm having the same problem with my new HP PhotoSmart All in One.  Every time I try to scan it tells me to "upgrade LCD List".

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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

Try to update the Scan Options on HP Solutions Center


Settings > Scan Settings > Scan to Setup


Front Panel Destination Lists


make sure all Programs on the left pane will be added on the right pane..


then click UPDATE DEVICE....


Hope it helps.:smileyhappy:

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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

Has anyone found a fix for this yet? My new J6480 has the same problem and following the HP solution doesn't work.
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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

I also face some similar problems with my printer.
I tried this which seems to work.

1) Leave the computer on with Digital Imaging Monitor
2) Turn off the printer
3) Power off the main switch
4) Wait 10 sec
5) Power on the main switch
6) Turn on the printer
7) Wait 3 minutes for computer to update the printer

after step 7 I notice the list on the printer's lcd panel finally got updated.

Hope that works for you too.

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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

tekfeng -


What do you mean by power off the main switch? Unplug the printer?



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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

I had this same problem. I tried powering my machine off, but the dumb thing sat there for hours and said "shutting down" on the info screen, so i just unplugged it and everything was fine after that. So i guess long story short, follow the advice of tekfeng but unplug it as the way of powering off the main switch.
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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

Yup - power cycle is the secret!  I'm staggered that HP can't simply add this to their so-called "help" page. Just pull power, restart and it lets you re-add all the options and then works like a treat. I think it ges confused when 2 computers are used as the scan destinations.


Once you've installed the next computer, it seems you can easily hop between them, but a 3rd machine will probably mean you'd need to jump through the power-cycle hoop again for each additional machine.

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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

[ Edited ]

You ARE the Man man! {or - the Person person!}


I have an HP OfficeJet 6500 E709n All-In-One, but this action worked for me.


What a frustrtating ride it was trying to clear this problem until I found this thred.


I powered off the printer (leaving my PC on)

As an extra assurance, I removed the power cable.

Waited 3 minutes (actually 6)

Put in the plug, turned on the printer.

It started up, the data updated in a few short moments.


Bingo! All of the scan to file types and locations showed up!


Thank you!!!



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Re: Scanning - Upgrade LCD List

I have this same issue using HP C7280.  I've down all the suggested items listed above and sometimes it will work.  The problem is that it doesn't last.  The next day, or later that day, I try to scan again and the message pops back up.  Whats odd is that whenever I go back into the solution center to upgrade the lcd list....all the options I want are already "moved" to the right side.  I've removed the software and re-installed with no luck.  I can open the solution center, select scan and go that route and everything works ok, but if I use the scan button on the machine, I'm out of luck.  I only have one machine "attached" wirelessly to the printer.  Any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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