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How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

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I'm close to pulling my hair out here.  I recently purchased a LaserJet P1102W as a replacement for my LaserJet 1022n that finally gave out.  I am trying to print Avery file labels (template 5066).  I am using the old file document, I simply need to reprint.  So, I open the file and select 'Print' and then hit 'OK'.  On my old model, the Attention light would blink red until I hit what I guess is the ok/accept button (I think it was the button with the triangle and the ! inside, but I can't be sure now) - it would then send the print job for the labels though, allowing me to put the label sheet in first and then it would feed that through from the main tray.


With this new model, I follow exactly the same steps but I can't get the document to print. Hitting the Power button on this unit only turns it off.  Hitting the Cancel button deletes the document from the queue and it won't print.


I just spent nearly an hour and a half with HP Live Tech Support and they can't seem to give me a straight answer.  They're telling me they need remote access to fix the issue or they need me to delete and reinstall my drivers.  One thing the techs are sure of is that it is not a hardware issue, simply user error.  Even though I repeated the steps that I took and they say that everything is correct.  I was also told to "please the paper", whatever that means.  :smileytongue:


I was hoping that I could find a fellow user of the P1102w here, or at least someone knowledgable who isn't reading from a book.  It just feels like there's a step missing somewhere once I bring up the Print menu.  Do I need to manually change a setting or direct it to pull from a certain tray? I'm just trying to do everything possible before I actually uninstall/reinstall the drivers.  Also, all the software is current, no updates needed.


Someone please help!  I'm losing it...or I've already lost it maybe.  lol

Thanks in advance for any sanity that you might be able to bring.

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Re: Unable to Print Word 2007 Labels??? - HP Laser P1102W

Hello All,


I am running into the same issue where the HPLJ1102w can't print labels from Word 2007. When the label is sent to the printer, the ATTENTION light starts blinking and nothing happens. There is no error message that I can find. The only way to clear it is to delete the job.


Now from some research, someone actually got the file to print after changing the print selection to AUTO. This too failed. So, I sent a test page to the printer and it printed just fine. Now I know the problem is with the file BUT I am no Administrative person. I have not setup labels in the past but was told the file prints fine on a different printer. At this point, my guess is the setup of the file(margins???) and the printer can't handle it..Not sure and still researching.


So, if ANYONE out there has seen this type of problem and FOUND a solution then I am ALL ears as I really am getting frustrated with this one. Any kind of input would be appreciated.



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Re: How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

I realize this is an old thread, but it came up as one of the first Google search results and there was no solution.


I was having this problem too.  The problem ended up being that I had turned off the status messages in the printer setup.  When I turned the status messages back on, a window pops up when I try to print a label.  I click "Continue" and it pulls the label from the manual feed.



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Re: How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

"When I turned the status messages back on"

How did you do that? I was able to find this option in the preferences.
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Re: How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

Hi. Where do you find the area to turn status messages off or on???  I didn't set this printer up. This is my exact problem.

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Re: How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

When you're in the print menu select 'Page Setup' and under the 'Paper' tab make sure that both first page and other pages are set to auto select. You can then select auto or manual under the printer properties to choose the actual source when printing. I believe these settings will default back to manual when you close the document , unless you choose to save. Future documents may also default to the manual setting, so you may have to change . Haven't had time to test out thoroughly but I know this least for me.
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Re: How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

THANK YOU! I just fixed an HP LJ P1102w label printing problem by turning back on the Status Messages. In printers and devices, right click on your printer, choose Printer Properties and on the Device Settings tab there is a Status Messages spot with On or Off. 


My end user had turned this off as the 'toner low', 'print job sent succesfully', etc. messages were bothering her. But now when she prints labels, it pops up and asks if she has paper in the bypass feed and if she wants to continue, and viola!  the labels print.  No more blinking orange light with no way to move forward!


Thank you again!

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Re: How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

I can't tell you how happy I was to see your post. I paid a tech $185 to help me fix my printers, and some other things on my pc but still could not print labels which is why I bought this printer. This particular fix was on a page I have never seen before. Thank you so very much and have a very merry Christmas.

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Re: How to Print Labels? - HP LaserJet P1102W

Operating System: Windows XP

This solved the problem. I just stumbled across it. I opended the label file 

and selected print and hit ok. Next I opened the print Q. In the blue bar

it stated that paper out. Next all I did was open the opened the printer

(where you would replace the cartridge) and close it. In a few seconds

the labels print ????????

Have no idea why, but it works

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