Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem
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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

I switched from Vista to Windows 7 and was disappointed to find that HP has no intentions of updating the HP Director for Windows 7 to provide full capability over a network. Only print works on the network. If you want to scan or fax, you will need to connect using a USB cable. Then go to 'start' on Windows 7, Select 'all programs'  and then select 'Windows Fax and Scan'. The utility's panel opens and then it is pretty obvious from there. It works fine but you have to drag your (hpefully, a laptop) workstation within 6 feet of the printer. Kinda defeat the purpose of a networked printyer. I have an all HP shop but will get rid of my printer ASAP. If HP doesn't want the $2000.00 per year I buy in cartridges and photoconductors from them, I will be glad to pay this to their competition. Hope this helps.

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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

Can you recommend where I may get the Windows 7 printer driver download?  I cannot locate it on the website.  Is it buried?  Thanks for your help!

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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

Printer/scanner/fax is working in Win 7 Pro(32bit) for me and several others. This can solve your problems. Anyhow if you do any of this, it's on your own risk.


Have talked  with HP support about it. They have to be carefull what to advice due to risk for lawsuit and so.


Go to HP drivers for Vista, download and install latest clean printerdriver, without firmvare (universal drivers for Win 7 will not function for this purpose, it's simplex - purpose is to identify printer comunication in duplex). Restart and check that your install is working. Then download latest firmware for Vista, unpack it at a known destination, set this to compatibility mode, both folders and .exe. Run install, you migt get error and be adviced to change install, do it. You are probably  up and go with both scanner and printer. It's not sure that imaging monitor will work, but toolbox will.  Fax and Scann is available in printers tab for Win 7 and will work, or any program compatible with this as Word, Adobe, Foxit, Abby, Paperport, Omnipage.


Win 7 isn't fully compatible with Vista, and it will be created a lot of registry keys with no purpose from install.


After install I'll advice you to clean your registry - use a registry cleaner for win 7, I've used "Windows 7 manager", it*s free

 to test and is fully working in a cupple of days. It's close to a suit, use only registry cleaner, don't mess with other menus without you beeing sure what you do.







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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

Can you do this wireless or  need to  connect using a USB cable ?



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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

I may have a solution

          MY SETUP

laserjet 2840 on network (not connected by USB)

windows 7 64bit


printer setup through windows 7


scanner and all hp software (toolbox, device settings and fax settings)

     all working with workaround/modification...



install -> windows virtual pc xp mode

                   (search "download xp mode"  follow directions  {})


start xp mode and install hp laserjet 2840 software for  Microsoft windows XP




if network printer

     unplug it during installation, then plug it in when right before the computer searches for it on the network

    if software can not find printer try:

               turn off firewalls,unplug then plug back in

               this might not be the official way to do but it works for me


restart computer (not sure if you need to)


go to

start menu   ->all programs    ->windows virtual pc    ->windows xp mode applications


all your software for hp should be there


you can also try

search "scan"  choose  -> scanner and camera wizard (xp mode) it should work


you could probably install other software such as omnipage in XP mode and it should work


this also should work for W7 32 bit and may be easier




This seems to be an easy workaround

IT works with ALL the features


Let me know how it works for you




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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

I am having the same problem with my 2840 and Win 7.  My new laptop will not print on my computer.  I was able to get it to print on occasion, but get the same error message on the printer (page too complex).  Have you found a solution?  The drivers are listed on the HP website and updated on 5/10/10, but still do not work. 

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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

Hi all


I found way to install this scanner  and finally works for me.

First you have to deinstall all HP installation from HP Color Laser 2840. Second delete all files in folder Temp (Windows and User folder).

Copy full installation from HP CD or from web installation file (file about 450MB) to local PC.

In head folder you have to  find 5 exe files:






Right click on file, than Property and finally tab "Compatibillity Mode". You need to select Windows Vista SP2 thank click  on Apply.

After the 5 files have been to run in "Compatibille Mode" double click the autorun and follow installation




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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

Did this address the scanning problem?

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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

I'm Having the same issue of course, I'm connected through USB.  I did the compatibilty mode thing, changed the properties on all 5 files, when I go to install, a window pops up saying gathering system information, then it just closes out, and nothing happens.  Any ideas.  I know it doesn't help anything to gripe, but what the heck, just bought this brand new HP desktop and it wont work with my HP printer.  It's always something

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Re: Windows 7 - HP Color Laser 2840 - Driver Problem

I have to chime in here also. HP seems to lag on every driver support schedule on every piece of HP hardware I have ever had to update. I also have spent hours trying to get the drivers for my 2840 for Windows 7, only to discover that the print function only support has also slowed down the printer considerably and emasculateted the scan and fax capability because there is no driver for these features. I recently bought another printer recently and purposed not to buy an HP product for this very reason. HP....get a clue.

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