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G60-235DX wireless antenna transceivers and cable

The cable, from the 25.90727.001 antenna transceiver which is located on the top right side of display panel, is cut in half where it passes through the right display hinge.  I don't know if it's okay to splice a wire between the 2 ends so I thought I'd just replace everything--antenna transceiver that has cable connected to it with connectors on other end of cable that go on wireless card.  (While I'm at it I  will replace the 25.90728.001 antenna transceiver that is on top left side of display panel, because it's cable may be starting to get cut at the left display hinge.)


>>If<< I can simply splice in a piece of wire, then how.  I don't have a solder gun, but I am very familiar with electrical connectors.  Connectors may be too thick for space where cable lies though.  Can a good connection be made somehow without soldering? 


If I cannot splice, then how do I remove the antenna transceiver from the display panel.  The top of the antenna transceiver has a hole on each side that mount on plastic tabs.  The bottom of the antenna transceiver is a flat, square piece of metal that feels glued to display panel.  Do I just pull/pry it off?  Thanks in advance.  

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Re: G60-235DX wireless antenna transceivers and cable

I personally would not recommend splicing the antennas.  As you have noted, there is not much room in the LCD bezel and this would make it more likely that something would happen later.


Due to the nature of how the wifi antennas run through the lCD panel, I highly recommend using a USB wifi adapter if the peformance of the wifi card is being impacted by said damaged cable. There is a lot that can go wrong when taking apart the LCD bezel and display, so use caution if you decice to proceed. 


Review page 4-23 of this guide.  This covers removing the LCD panel which includes the steps on removing the cables from the LCD panel.  There isn't a section dedicated to the antennas themselves, so it may take some reading of the various sections to piece together how the process will need to be done.  The LCD removal section covers the largest part of it.



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