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HP Pavilion windows 8 wont connect to Wifi internet

Frustrating New Laptop HP Pavilion wont connect to Wifi when all other phones samsung Tabs,ipads and Dell laptop does. keep saying password incorrect when it is not please help

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Re: HP Pavilion windows 8 wont connect to Wifi internet

Hello sadwatch.


Welcome to the HP Forums. I understand your new computer is unable to connect to a wireless network. I apologize for the long wait, but I will do my best to assist you. First, please try the following tests and provide the results:


1. Try connecting this computer to a network using an Ethernet cable.

2. Try connecting the computer to a different wireless network.

3. You stated you get a message stating the password is incorrect. Please be absolutely certain that the password is correct.

4. Ping the IP address. For more information on this, please review this Microsoft Technet document: Test Network Connection with Ping


These tests are meant to narrow down the source of error. It will prove one of the following issues:


- The computer is simply unable to connect to a (wireless) network.

- There is a communication issue between this computer and the wireless network.


After these simple tests are completed, please try the troubleshooting steps in this HP document: Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet


Following these steps will address the computer's inability to connect to a wireless network. To an extent, the steps also troubleshoot the connection between the computer and the network. I believe this will resolve your issue. Either way, please post your results. Thank you for bringing this issue to the HP Forums. Have a great day!



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Re: HP Pavilion windows 8 wont connect to Wifi internet

I am also having the same issue connecting to wifi. I can use the same password to connect to my phone and tablet but on my windows 8.1 it alway says the password is incorrect. that happen after i shutdown my laptop and when i restart it wont connect.  after trying for an hour it wont connect then suddenly it connect and it goes off when i shutdown my laptop it wont connect it keep saying incorrect password. Its already happened to me 3x this week, i wasnt able to use my laptop for 2 days. it just connected yesterday around 10 pm using the same password. i dont know whats the bloody problem with laptop.

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Re: HP Pavilion windows 8 wont connect to Wifi internet

I am having problems with my hp pavilion laptop. Ive had it for just under a year and ever since i have had it theres been problems with it not being able to connect to wifi. It says the password is incorrect when i know it isnt so dont even attempt to say are you sure its correct as its the same password for the other 10 wifi devices within my house which all work perfect.


I have to use an ethernet connection to use internet and then it eventually works with wifi after i use ethernet first. 


When i switch it off and then back on after an hour or so it goes through the same again, password wrong, cant connect to wifi. Its driving me insane as its definitely a HP issue as i have never ever ever had any problems with any other device since wifi was invented. 


I have sent it to HP to sort it out and guess what they said they fixed it so i log on using wifi and it says wrong password cant connect to wifi, so ethernet then wifi then turn off then turn back on then same again no wifi/ 


Cn anyone help and if so please do a step by step guide. I am sick to the back teeth and will never buy any hp product again,

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Re: HP Pavilion windows 8 wont connect to Wifi internet

I have the same problem, apparently updating helps fix the problem. Idk if it's an HP/Windows 8 problem. It might be both. In anycase, I also won't be buying HP anymore. This is absolutely frustrating.

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