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Internal Network Adapter disabled

I have a Compaq Presario F700 model notebook PC  with a Windows Vista operating system. It is out of warranty. I do not know what happened but last week but I began having problems with the wireless connection.  I was unable to connect wirelessly and the Broadcom Wireless Lan driver was not being detected. The wireless light switch remained an amber color no matter whether I turned it on or off. When I checked under the Device Manager, the driver was missing although it had been properly installed.


I read everything I could find on the internet regarding this issue and also had numerous conversations with different HP Technical Support reps. I stayed up 2 days straight trying to figure a solution but nothing worked. The last technician I spoke with told me to either pay for a new card (costing about $286.00) or do a complete restore to its original factory state. Instead I went out and bought a Belkin wireless G Plus MIMO USB network adapter so I would have some wireless function. 


Well my problem now seems to have been solved this evening. First, I uninstalled and reinstalled an earlier version of the Broadcom Wireless Lan driver for Microsoft Windows (Version 6.00 E - dated October 2007 - sp36684.exe off the HP web page). I restarted my notebook PC and during the bootup pressed the F10 button. This brought up the system configuration menu. I changed the internal network adapter from disabled to enabled and then F9 to save the configuraton. I exited and and then restarted.


I just about fell off my chair when my notebook booted up and the Broadcom driver was detected. The wireless light had turned blue and I was able to connect wireless to my home network. Now the real test will come when I turn off my PC and see if everything has taken.



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Re: Internal Network Adapter disabled

Great Job!

Be sure and make a recovery point in Windows, so you can go back to that point if the problem happens again.

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Re: Internal Network Adapter disabled

My PC appears to be functioning all right for the time being. If the same problem comes up again I will repeat the same process.



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Re: Internal Network Adapter disabled

I have the same problem.  I spent hours with an online tech.  I downloaded a new driver.  I updated the BIOS.  I did a system recovery.  Still no wireless.  I downloaded an the driver listed above and still no luck.  Apparently, this is a well known problem and several models of HP/Compaq notebooks come down with it.  I am out of warrantly by 2 months and now my notebook is pretty much useless.  If anyone has any ideas, other than get a new notebook (which is not a compaq or HP) let me know.  Thanks.
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Re: Internal Network Adapter disabled

Kudos!!!!!!!!!!  My Compaq F557US model has not recognized the Broadcom wireless hardware for 8 months now... I've been forced to use a land line connection to get on the internet ever sence.  I've been on the phone with HP to no avail... removed my card and reinstalled in hopes that the plug-n-play would recognize the hardware...reinstalled the latest driver... updated bios... reinstalled factory settings... etc... nothing has ever worked...


That was until I read your comments... I took your advice to heart... 


First, I have VISTA... I went to: control panel, progams & feature, and uninstalled the Broadcom wireless driver.  I never rebooted at this point... I went to and inputted into the "search" box the driver name you spoke of...  sp36684.exe... Strange, but it shows only Windows XP as required...  As I said, I have VISTA...  but you can't break something broken...  So, I downloaded and installed the software as it recommended...  I logged off and rebooted as per normal.  I didn't go into F10 and change anything, I just simply rebooted per normal... Once fully up and going... I said a prayer and flipped my switch on... SHAZAM... blue light...  I'm emailing you ON WIRELESS now to thank you for your feedback...  God bless!

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Re: Internal Network Adapter disabled

Wow! Thanx Mary this solved my problem too! The only difference was I had to press F10 to save my changes and exit. Hope this works for others!

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