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What is efax and how does it work?



eFax® is a service provided by eFax®, not Hewlett-Packard, that allows you to send and receive faxes using the Internet rather than a phone line. eFax® is easy to use, but it is different than a typical phone-based fax machine. You don't require a phone line to use it, so you don't have to worry about busy signals and you can place your printer where you want it, not where the phone jacks are located! The fax number you are provided will not typically be a local number, and may even be in a different country. You will receive 20 incoming and 20 outgoing fax pages per month for free with this service. Your page counts will reset at midnight Pacific Time on the first of each month. You can also subscribe to eFax® Plus to obtain additional pages per month by visiting:


How does it work?


eFax® uses the printer Internet connection to send and receive faxes. When you send a fax, it is sent over the Internet to the eFax® server and then eFax® sends your fax to the recipient's fax machine over a standard phone line.

Your faxes are received in a similar manner, but the order is reversed. The sender sends the fax over a phone line to eFax® and then eFax® sends the fax to your printer using HP's ePrint service.

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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

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Hi Im_cheesecake,


Great information, if you don't mind I just wanted to piggy back off of your post, to clear any potential confusion.


The 20 free incoming & 20 free outgoing faxes are with HP printer's that include the eFax service print app.  As of now, we have three printer series' that include the pre-installed eFax print app: HP Photosmart 7510 Series, HP Envy 110 Series, and the HP Photosmart eStation C510a.  

eFax also has a free plan which allows you to receive a limited number of faxes but does not allow you to send any faxes. If you exceed the number of received faxes allowed, eFax will prompt you to upgrade to a paying account. Here are the main details of the free plan:

  • One remote (i.e. non-local) eFax number
  • Area code/prefix is selected by eFax and cannot be changed (unless you upgrade to a paid account)
  • 20 incoming fax pages per month (receive-only)
  • You are prompted to upgrade to a paying account if you exceed 20 incoming pages, or if you need send capability.
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Re: What is efax and how does it work?



Thanks for the added information. :smileyhappy:


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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

Hello;  I have been reading the forums, and have tried to set up an account for the 20 free faxes.   I just purchased a HP Photosmart 7510 e-all in one series.  When I set it up I was assigned a fax number.  I assumed I had the capability to use e-fax.  But I am at a stand still.   Can you help me with this?   Thanks.

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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

No answer to this post? I was hoping to hear someone's experience with this added service. I have subscribed to efax for several years now and now that I am sending less than 20 pages per month by efax I would love to save the $16.95 each month. Has anyone set up this "free" service with their hp printer/fax? Is it absolutely free?


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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

I am astounded that I cannot buy a new HP Photosmart Printer with a regular fax.  I do not need $16.95 worth of fax services each month.  When I asked about efax, the store salesman could give me no information, and HP support would not answer the call (after 15 minutes on hold).  The representative at efax said HP has an agreement that allows 20 free incoming and 20 free outgoing per month but he couldn't help with that since it was an HP thing!  I was told by the salesman that Canon and Epson sell home printers that have regular faxes.  HELP!

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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

So how are you at a standstill?  You have your fax number, right?


If you want to send a fax just press the eFax icon on your printer screen, dial number, insert what you want to fax (paper) and press start/send.  Pretty simple. Works like a "normal" fax.  


If you want to receive a fax, give the person the fax number that you were assigned and have them send the fax to that number. I believe the eFax "App" must be open (running) on your printer in order to recieve/print the fax. But your 'received' faxes should wait in queue (online) until you start the eFax App on the printer; at that point any waiting faxes you have received (anyone has sent to you) will print at your printer.  This may take a few moments, so just be a little patient. 


The eFax app works like any "normal" fax. As long as the eFax App is open and running on your printer (and, of course, you set up the eFax account, received your eFax "phone number", and your printer is properly connected to the internet!) you will/can use it just like you would any other fax machine.


It's very simple, let's not try to make it too complicated. If you are unsure.... try sending a fax to yourself from your printer using the fax number that was assigned to you. 

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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

i've read all posts on this topic. I am also trying to figure out how to install the FREE eFax app on my printer. There does not appear to be an option for obtaining a phone number unless I sign up for $14+/mo. with a credit card. Seems like a bait & switch to me. Has anyone figured out how to sign up for the < 20 faxes / month free option .. ??
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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

The printer I have is a HP Photosmart 7510... I was able to register for the free efax deal directly through the device touch screen.


Unfortunately I was not able to link my existing efax account for some reason, but most of the things I send are PDF files, and the scan to email is my primary use...

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Re: What is efax and how does it work?

Hi, I need some help please.


I have just purchased an HP Envy110 printer and am trying to obtain my eFax number.

I follow the on-(printer)screen instructions and enter my name, email, postal code. and confirm.


The printer screen displays a "registration error" telling me the printer is not connected to the internet.

That is nonsense because 

- to get that the far the printer is connected to the internet

- to test my connection I access the internet apps on the printer.  Everything works fine.


But I am still blocked by the eFax registration process telling me the printer is not connected to the internet.


can anybody help ?


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