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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

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I've been following this issue for a while and can only conclude that HP either

1) can't fix it or

2) Isn't going to fix it because they don't consider it widespread enough or they see it as too costly to fix.

Either way, this is pathetic..

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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

I have the same problem mine worked fine for a good while then I think an update has made it stop working now. Call for help they won't talk unless you pay for their screw-up.

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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

I've just bought this printer and the although the Web Services connected first thing (expect ePrint, which always came up as "Not Connected", I have since been able to connect at all..  Come on HP, this is a feature you rely heavily on when you sell the product, sort the problem out. If its a capacity thing then please check with your hardware department to get another server or 2.. This is ridiculous.

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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

I have the same problem in so far as "PASSWORDS/E-MAIL ADD" go. For example, to date I have had

no less then (4 four) different add / & passwords and have reset the printer / router so many times that

I can do it in my sleep. Also do to this "problem" I not been able to receive any apps.







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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

same issue here.  Deskjet3050A.  Setup out of the box simply and easily.  3 weeks later ePrint has lost connection.  Have reset Web Services on the device and now can't get connected again:


        The printer could not connect to the Internet.


Print / scan working fine over internal wireless and via airprint Ipad / Iphone. 


BUT I bought this so when working away I could send home a 'letter' or just print something out back for family to see...


Solution still required.  This thread should not be marked as solved.

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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

I have just purchased and set up one of these printers. and yes initially it worked, and now it does not. 
I still have the box. Seems like it is faulty, 

Do I send it back and get another printer as this fault seems like it occures so quickly.

If I get no responce I will take it as a Please return faulty equipment

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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

same error. that too on  a brand new printer. after several hours of trying to fix the problem with the service staff on the phone ultimately they have helped to reset the web services like mentioned on this post (wish i had seen this post before). seems to work for now (after it did after the first installation).. hopefully it lasts

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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error



Usually, this issue is corrected by setting a static DNS.  You will find the instructions in this post.  

If I have solved your issue, please feel free to provide kudos and make sure you mark this thread as solution provided.

Although I work for HP, my posts and replies are my own opinion and not those of HP.
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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

I use a Verizon Hot Spot for my internet connection.  Yesterday  at Verizon, we upgraded everything, including a new device for internet.   Now I get a message that there is no connection.  I wonder if that affected my printer connection.  Can anyone suggest a way to fix this,  Do I need to reinstall my printer.

I have an HPDeskjet 3310.




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Re: ePrint - Not Connected error

As noted elsewhere, in order to "set a static IP address" for the printer per the instructions posted in many locations on these forums, the printer already needs a working IP address that, apparently, it obtained via a DHCP server (like a router). If there is NO DHCP serving on the local network, then the printer has NO IP address, and those "set a static IP address" instructions fail right from the start.


Perhaps HP should perform a software update for these printers (like the 7525 in my case) that allows COMPLETE stand-alone network setup from the printer's panel; if this already exists, perhaps HP could publish how to get to it so the many many posts here and around the Web would stop - note that panel controls to change netwrok settings DO NOT WORK, maybe by design - but how to MAKE them work is not publicly published.



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