Dolby Digital Live doesn't work
by travisgarrison


- HP HDX 16T-CTO1200

- HP Notebook Dock XB4

- RCA Dolby Digital 5.1 Stereo Receiver

- The digital signal is connected to the receiver from the dock via S/PDIF.


In the IDT HD Audio software when I click the bubble "Enable Dolby Digital Live" it blips to green but then goes back to grey.  Further in the Windows 7 (64-bit) sound properties under the "Advanced Tab" I cannot select and test the Dolby Digital format.  It allows me to select Dolby Digital, but gives the error when applying or testing saying that the format is not supported and "failed to play test tone"


I'm running 1.0.6225.0 of the IDT HD Audio Software and IDT High Definition Audio CODEC version 6.10.6225.0.


Consequently, Dolby Digital is also not working through the HDMI cable... but one problem at a time I guess.



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