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David 4 alignment slowdown (it`s much slower than before)

Product Name: David SLS-2 with David 4
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

My comp has been burnt few weeks ago (3990K+64GB RAM+GTX 1080Ti), now I have (AMD Threadripper 1920x + 64GB ram + GTX 1080TI). I`ve installed DAVID_Setup_4.5.3.1374.exe and alignment is much slower than before. Why? Maybe I should set hardware acceleration? Is there something like that? How to work on it with same speed as before? Alignment takes about a minute. Earlier it was couple of seconds. What I`m doing wrong?

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Re: David 4 alignment slowdown (it`s much slower than before)

I`ve checked trial of David 5 (I`m licensed on version 4) and it`s also very slow on newest AMD Threadripper 1920x (12 cores 24 threads).


I`ve started thread on AMD forum: https://community.amd.com/thread/232245 (please look on it ).


When I`m aligning scans on my new Threadripper (12 cores) then speeds slowed down triple in compare to old Leonovo Laptop W520 (i7-2820QM 2,30 GHz/3,4 GHz 4cores/8threads). Lenovo align scans in 23seconds. Threadripper align scans in 1minute 30 second.  When I turn on SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) feature then is do it in 30 seconds (it`s still much slower than old quad core laptop). Situation is same on David 4 and David 5. I`ve tried on David 5 becouse I wanted to upgrade in near future but without optimisation to AMD is not make any sense for me. My old 3930K (6cores - Intel) do that alignemt in 3-4 seconds.


If you look on AMD thread then you will see that I optimised Windows 10 Pro, chipset drivers, bios and all settings and stil is on same speed.


It looks that multithreading task are waiting for ending previous tasks and that`s why is so slow.


Please help me run faster David 4 or make any update for David 5 for AMD Threadripper multithread support. For now it`s nightmare.




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