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David 5 cannot "see" second PointGrey camera
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Re: David 5 cannot "see" second PointGrey camera

That is the quick solution for you. You can also check the forums if your cam is able to work with some 3rd party drivers, maybe the similar camera with the same sensor.

I am an HP Employee

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Re: David 5 cannot "see" second PointGrey camera

Did you solve this problem? I have encountered the same problem, if you have solved can be shared out?

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Re: David 5 cannot "see" second PointGrey camera

Regarding connecting two PointGrey cameras in David,  I have not found a solution for the moment.


I have been in contact with PointGrey (Flir). The tech person is very helpful but they do not intend to modifiy the Directshow driver.


With programming skills, a solution should be possible:


Using  the SDK of point Grey

Using a USB3 Vision to Directshow software

Using Directshow to Directshow software


But I do not have such skills.


You can always write to PointGrey. Maybe they will change their mind.

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Re: David 5 cannot "see" second PointGrey camera

Hi, is it the same issue with Point Grey Firewire connections?

What if two cameras use the firewire interface?

What if one camera is usb3 and the other one firewire?


regards, spark

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Re: David 5 cannot "see" second PointGrey camera

I can't help. My two cameras are USB3.


HP 3D does not accept the industry standard : USB3Vision

The only way to have a camera in HP 3D is through Directshow.

The Directshow show driver of Flir Point Grey does not allow two cameras within a single instance of a. running software.

I dont think that Firewire would change any thing. But I am not sure.

If HP 3D would implement USB3 Vision support, no driver would be needed.

Or someone would have to write a different Directshow driver for Point Grey.

For the moment, Point Grey does not intend to modify its Direct Show driver.

He is a description of USB3 Vision

"As such a group of companies under the leadership of AIA (Automated Imaging Association) decided in 2011 to cooperate in the development of a machine vision standard for USB, called USB3 Vision. However, despite the name, the standard is not technically limited to USB 3.0. The VISION show in November 2012 saw many companies announce the first products to meet this new standard with many more to follow. USB3 Vision has now matured with a growing choice of products, good interoperability between cameras and a choice of software vendors supporting the standard.

Like GigE Vision, the new standard will be a mere protocol standard or "on the wire" standard. This means that only the data package layout and a bootstrap register map is defined. This ensures that a USB3 Vision device needs a certain "basic intelligence" without having to reload firmware. No manufacturer specific drivers will need to be installed on the host, provided that USB3 Vision compliant software is installed Thus the integration on niche operating systems such as Linux is no longer an obstacle and easy migration between manufacturers is possible when using independent USB3 Vision software. USB3 Vision uses the GenICam GenApi device description for camera control as used on GigE Vision, CoaXPress, CameraLink 2.0 and CameraLink HS. It is expected that the camera will be controlled via the control channel, and data transferred as bulk data. Asynchronous events may be sent from the camera to the computer using the event channel also based on the bulk transfer. The new standard is very different from the standards used for USB web cameras, etc. to meet the specific requirements of industrial imaging."
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