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Replacing broken Acer K132 projector with Acer K135i projector in David SLS-2 scanner

David SLS-2 scanner
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)



About 4 years we bought a David SLS-2 scanner.

It has worked reasonably good until now.

However, about a month ago the projector broke down.


I've asked our direct retailer about the repairing options.

But, neither its greater retailer, nor HP are responsive.


Our direct retailer has proposed me to send it Acer for repair.

I don't think is the right way to go, because K132 and its child K135 are already out of production.


Therefore, I'm considering the purchase of its grandchild Acer K135i as a replacement.

My concerns are the following:


1.- How easy or difficult will it be to mount it in the ruler fitting of Acer K132?

Casings look similar, so I'm hopeful.


2.- David used to state that their projector had special lenses to narrow the field and improve scanning results. Acer K135i will not have the special lense. Is it possible&easy to reuse the special lense on Acer K132 in Acer K135i?


3.- In order to take advantage of the special lense, David software has some special Settings. In case I don't manage or is not possible to reuse the lense, Which are these settings and which value should they have if I use the factory delivered Acer K135i?


Many thanks beforehand.


Best regards,

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Replacing broken Acer K132 projector with Acer K135i projector in David SLS-2 scanner

1. old holder is fixed with the double sided sticky tape, just cut it off, clean the holder and use new double sided sticky tape to fix the new projector.


2. you would have to open the projector and lose a warranty. IMHO leave it as it is.


3. no need to change anything on the software side.


The smallest diagonal that K135 can project by default is much larger then the one of the modified K132 projector. You will not be able to scan small objects as you would be with modified projector. Everything else is pretty much the same.

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