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WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

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Just got a Slate 7. did a complete factory reset. During boot, connect to Wifi, immediately it comes back with:


"Unfortunately, Settings has stopped."


It doesn't matter what WiFi or settings I use, it immediately errors out with this.


Factory Reset again, same issue. Any ideas?



Trying to connect to a corporate WiFi with:

Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption Type: AES

Authentication: PEAP

Authentication Method: EAP-MSCHAP v2


My HP laptop, HP ElitePad and iPhone work just fine on this WiFi.




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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...



My knowledge is very limited on the channels available on the WIFI router and how they work in different regions like US, UK, Australia etc.,

This problem might be due to the channel scan options of the WIFI. I think HP Slate scans only Channel 1-12. If the WIFI you have is configured to different channel, then this might happen.

If there is a possibility, change the channel of the router and try to connect using Slate.

I am an HP employee.


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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

The issue is unrelated to a channel (the Slate 7 currently support channels 1-11)


The Slate 7 does not support PEAP or EAP and will be unable to connect using those security protocols.




I am an HP employee

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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

Hey Brian,


is this fact one related to software or related to hardware? Is it probable that there's gonna be an update and afterwards it will be possible to connect to networks with PEAP?

Otherwise I would say this is a gread stupidity of HP and I gotta change to another tablet. There really is no point in having an non  3G device if I cannot connect to any WIFI of the university nor of public places.


Kind regards,



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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...


Good morning, guys!

HP confirmed officially that HP Slate 7 Tablet Notebook PCs - Cannot Connect to 802.1x EAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-MS-CHAP v2, and PEAP Networks.

Thanks to HP! There is no need to spend time to fix wifi any more...

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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

Returning my Slate7 and I had such high hopes!

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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

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Thank you iiturkey with providing that official support page from HP Slate.


That's rather disapointing and very interesting. We were actually able to get the HP Slate working with our 802.1x EAP network by using WiFi Connection Manager (roamingsoft) from the Play Store. In the past, this app allowed us to connect the Motorola Photon Q device to our network as well and I figured it was worth another shot. 


I hope that HP will eventually provide support considering it can be done with the use of a third-party app on a non-rooted device.

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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

I just opened a ticket for this, among other issues with the Slate. The good news is that they are aware of it and are working on it. Thank you for the temp fix suggestion, DG. The bummer is that the WiFi is still iffy on certain AP's where other devices have no issue. A factory reset did nothing to solve the problem.


Hoping for the best.

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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

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I have found a solution to the Slate 7's issue connecting to enterprise PEAP and MSCHAPV2 networks.


NOTE, my setup is as follows:


Slate 7 2800

Android 4.1.1

Build  v.1.05.1_user




Assuming that you have login credentials for the enterprise account (in my case, username and password), follow the steps EXACTLY as they appear on this webpage:


I was unable to connect to the enterprise network at my University until I found this posting. After I followed these steps, I was able to connect to the entwork without a hitch.  I may be mistaken, but somehow, the application imports the configuration settings backdoor without having to enter them in the WiFi settings screen. 


I would be curious to know if this method works for others.


Nice to know thre Slate 7 can now leave my residence with me on to the campus; serving the purpose it was intended to serve upon purchase!

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Re: WiFi - Unfortunately, Settings has stopped...

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After trying this method for about a week, I can confiorm some findings:


  1.  PEAP/MSCHAPv2 access is indeed possible with the Slate 7
  2. The Wi-Fi settings in the advanced options menu needs to be turned to 'always on'. The reason being, if the Slate sleeps and Wi-Fi turns off, it can sometimes forget how to reconect the network and requires a reboot. The adavnced settings in itself is not enough and requires a third-party app from the Play Store called "Wi-Fi Keep Alive": "". Options 1, 2, 3 amd 4 need to be enabled. This application uses various means to keep a consistent connection to Wi-Fi. I came to this discovery when I found that when the Wi-Fi was in active use, the connection never dropped. When I would leave it idle for about 10 or so minutes, it would sometimes disconnect. By enabling a consistent Wi-Fi connection, the Wi-Fi never drops.
  3. In using the method posted above, as well as the Wi-Fi always on feature, the tablet can connect to the PEAP/MSCHAPv2 without a hitch--it just needed some tinkering!
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