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And that's a wrap for the first #HPExpertDay of 2017!

Last week, HP employees participated in the very first #HPExpertDay of 2017, and how!  From March 22-23, 434 HP employees volunteered their time on the HP Support Forum to make sure that every customer who asked a question was helped.And that's a wrap for the first #HPExpertDay of 2017! 

Announcing the next #HPExpertDay: March 22, 2017

Mark your calendars - the next #HPExpertDay is on March 22-23, 2017.  It will start at 7am Pacific Time on March 22 and end at 7am Pacific Time on March 23.  That's right, it's a 24 hour event!
Announcing the next #HPExpertDay: March 22, 2017

2016: A year in review

I know that it’s a couple of weeks into 2017, but I still wanted to say – HAPPY NEW YEAR!  When the holidays roll around, it’s inevitable to reflect, and with such an action-packed 2016, we wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the community in 2016.
2016: A year in review

Happy holidays!

Whether it's sipping on hot chocolate or egg nog, donning ugly sweaters, hitting the slopes, or however you spend the holidays with your loved ones, we hope that you have a good one and wish you the best in 2017!


From our family to yours...

Happy 8th birthday to the HP Support Forum!

Today marks 8 years since the launch of the HP Support Forum -- that means happy birthday to our community!


happy birthday.png

#HPMeetup16 ends with a bang in Barcelona, São Paulo, & Dublin

It seems like just yesterday that we were kicking off #HPMeetup16 in Beijing and Grenoble, then making our way over to Seattle, so it seems too soon for me to write this, but -- #HPMeetup16 has concluded with a bang in Barcelona, São Paulo, and Dublin!  Where has the time gone?  I guess it really does fly when you're having a good time Smiley Wink



Yet another #HPExpertDay success!

Once again, volunteers all around the globe have gotten together and made for yet another successful #HPExpertDay!
This past week, the HP Support Forums, which is typically peer-to-peer, was swarmed by over 450 HP employees and partners from all around the globe for a 24 hour period, volunteering their time to help as many customers as possible.  This #HPExpertDay took place on September 21-22, spanned all 7 of our different language communities, and welcomed all topics.  Here are the global results...

Mark your calendar: #HPExpertDay is coming on September 21!

We are pleased to announce that the next #HPExpertDay will be on September 21st. That means that for 24 hours straight starting at 7am on September 21st, the very HP employees who create and support your HP products will roll up their sleeves and swarm the HP Support Forum to try their darndest to answer all your toughest tech questions.


30515 hp socialcare sept2016 expertday facebook post 1200x900 en-v2 prod



An inside look at HP's Product Loan Program as told by an HP Expert

I have been an HP Expert on the HP Support Forums since the beginning in 2008.  This has given me many opportunities, the best of which has been the Product Loan Program, which loans out the latest HP technology to the most active members of the community.

That's a wrap: #HPMeetup16 in Seattle success!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still reeling from the excitement of last week's HP Experts Meetup in Seattle.  Following the fantastic Meetups of the French community in Grenoble and the Chinese and Korean communities in Beijing earlier this spring, the English community descended upon Seattle for our own adventure, and boy, does this crew know how to have a good time!



HP wins the Lithy Award for Total Community All Star at LiNC '16

We have some very exciting news to share – HP won the Lithy Award for Total Community All Star at LiNC '16!  

500+ volunteers come together for the first #HPExpertDay of 2016

And what an exciting Expert Day it was!  
For the uninitiated, Expert Day can best be described as a tech support marathon. It's an online event where volunteer HP employees and partners, as well as volunteer HP Experts, from all around the world, swarm the HP Support Forum and do their darndest to help out as many customer as they possibly can.
hp expert day meme

#HPMeetup16 kickoff in Beijing and Grenoble

If you’ve been hanging out in the community, you’ll know that our HP Experts are a dedicated group of volunteers whose passion is helping our customers each and every day.  To show our appreciation for this amazing group of folks for all that they do for our community, we host meetups for them annually, where we fly them out to a destination for a few days of fun, because how cool is it to meet the folks who you’ve been chatting with on the HP Support Forum, in person?!


Following last year’s epic Global HP Experts Meetup in San Francisco, with Experts from all seven language communities attending, we decided to switch things up this year — rather than one big global meetup, this year, we’re having several regional meetups for each of our language communities.  To kick off the regional meetups for #HPMeetup16, the Chinese and Korean communities met up in Beijing this past month, and the French community met up in Grenoble!


Meetup Masthead.jpg


So what does a Community Manager do at HP?

Is a question that I get asked a lot.  Um, only the most awesomest stuff evar!! Smiley Wink  It's hard to believe, but this week, I actually celebrated both my 7th anniversary of being a community manager (CM), as well as my 1 year anniversary of being one at HP.  I often get asked what exactly a CM is and does, so I thought that with these anniversaries, now was more a fitting time than ever to reflect, shed some light, and share a bit about my story.  I could probably write a novel about CMs and community management, but I'll try to keep it to one blog post. 



New Year, New Look!

With a new year upon us, we wanted to freshen up our look, so I'm excited to announce – we've launch a new look for the HP Support Forum!
The new homepage features brighter colors and a cleaner design.  We wanted to make the page easier to navigate and more user-friendly:


Design changes include...

Happy New Year from the Community Team!

Welcome to 2016!!  I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday and got to spend lots of quality time with friends and family.


While I'm wishing you a happy new year, I also wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2015.  It's been a big year for the community.  From new team members, to all of the great virtual and in-person events, the community was filled with a lot of changes and excitement.   Here are some other highlights...


We grew in many ways.  

More members, more posts, more solutions...  Activity grew by over an astounding 50%.  That's over 50% more posts and solutions!


Spiritual Growth.jpg

HP How To For You – Microsoft Edge Features

More Windows 10 tips coming at you in this episode of HP How To For You, and this one is specifically around Microsoft Edge features!  Learn more about how to make web notes, create reading list, use reading view, and then some.  You can also see how @Bill_F looks in a blue mustache and what @SE_Video does in her sparetime online:



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HP How To For You – Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts and Productivity Tips

In this episode of HP How To For You, @Bill_F shares his favorite Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts and productivity tips, including how-tos on customizing your Start menu and task bar, as well as managing your notifications.  


Though Steph wistfully wishes that Bill would make her wildest dreams come true by doing all of her chores, Bill helps her by sharing tips on how to work faster and better.  Hey, as the old saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, right? Smiley Wink



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HP How To For You – The Password Recovery Episode

In this 6th episode of HP How To For You, @Bill_F shares recovery methods for a forgotten password as well as tips for how to create a strong password.  For example, find out the logic behind how Steph turned "Bill Is My Man Crush Monday" into "B1ll!mMCM" Smiley Wink



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HP How To For You, Episode 5 – Using HP Support Assistant

Or as we know it behind-the-scenes, HPSA!  This latest episode of HP How To For You will discuss the newly released version of it to help you keep your PCs and printers up-to-date.  Check it out.  You might even get a little wanderlust from this episode for some place tropical Smiley Wink



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HP How To For You – Updating Drivers After Upgrading to Windows 10.

The latest HP How To For You vlog is up, and this episode shows you the various ways in which you can update your drivers after upgrading to Windows 10.   And, that's not all -- you also get to see what @Bill_F looks like with hair.  Check it out:



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HP How To For You: The #HPMeetup Edition

When the HP Experts descended upon San Francisco for the HP Experts Global Meetup earlier this month (catch my recap here), the crew of "HP How To For You" took the opportunity to pick their brains!  In this latest vlog, @Bill_F and @SE_Video get Expert insight on their favorite Windows 10 features, how to optimize PC performance, the latest in printing technologies, and what they look for when purchasing a new PC or printer.  


Check it out and see if you recognize any Experts (and yours truly might make a couple bit appearances in it... Smiley Tongue):



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Episode 2 of HP How To For You is up - Setting Up a New Computer

In this episode, @Bill_F and Steph share tips on how to best setup a new PC. Bill also shares some of the tips that he uses when conducting PC audits.  Check it!



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A Community Manager's recap of the 2015 #HPMeetup, as told through tweets

Is anyone else still recovering from the Meetup?  I don't know about the rest of you, but even though the Meetup was pretty much in my backyard in San Francisco, I feel like I've just gotten back from an overseas trip in an opposite time zone!  The culprit: too much fun at the Meetup Smiley Wink


As event planner @Natalie_B emailed to all attendees...




How awesome is that?!


Leading up to the Meetup...

The very first episode of HP How To For You is up: Featuring a Windows 10 PC unboxing

You read that right -- the first episode of new vlog series "HP How To For You" is live.  And what's more? @Bill_F is live at the factory unboxing a just-released Windows 10 PC right on the factory floor!  Watch as he shares tips and tricks on how to Snap windows and work with virtual desktops on Windows 10:



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Announcing new vlog series: HP How To For You!

If my fellow Community Manager @Bill_F has seemed a little quiet lately (very unlike him), it's for good reason: he's been busy filming a new vlog series called "HP How To For You" alongside fellow HP team member Steph, which actually launches tomorrow!


This vlog series aims to provide educational how-tos, plus tips and tricks for how to use your HP products more effectively.  There will be a new episode every two weeks, so be sure to follow the YouTube channel for the latest!  If you have any feedback or there's a particular topic that you'd like Bill and Steph to cover, be sure to share it in the comments on this post or on the video.  


Here's a taste of it with some fun outtakes:



Enjoy!  And don't forget us when you two get too famous, Bill and Steph Smiley Wink

Best of the Month – June ‘15

Hope everyone's been surviving the hot weather and traveling to fun places!  Though summer activities may be ensuing, that didn't stop the activity in the HP Support Forum.  Let us show you the ways...


In the month of June, the forum had over 6.6 million visitors with 12,000 new topics posted and 1,700 solutions reached.  The bulk of those accepted solutions were from HP Experts, so let's take a moment to recognize our top contributors for the month of June:





At the top again is @Paul_Tikkanen who posted 973 times, with 175 Accepted Solutions, getting a total of 228 kudos.


Here's what some members had to say about Paul:


"You, sir, have been a godsend.  Did the last 2 items you posted and internet is up and running. [...] Thank you very much for taking the time and walking me this recovery." - @doublesix66


"Thank you so much Paul_Tikkanen, it worked..!! Smiley Happy" - @Shashika1986






Right up there with Paul is @banhien, who wrote 756 posts, garnering 211 kudos and 106 Accepted Solutions.  Here's what the community has to say about his help:


"You are the man BH. [...] I really appreciate the help with connecting me with the right tool  to enjoy my wireless printing again. I also want to thank you again for the quick response in helping me get this done today." - @JXAXM


"I wanted to thank you for the quality and speed of your responseA very big thank you for your responsiveness Smiley Very Happy" - @Icounet




And we have some very exciting news...  


Along with the new boards that we inherited during the migration of HP's Enterprise Business Support Forum to this forum, we also inherited a couple Expert-worthy top contributors and have thus accordingly invited them into our Expert Program, which they accepted.  So please welcome @John_Getzke and @davidzuts to the community!




Thank you to everyone for being a part of the community!  Have a great summer Smiley Happy

Best of the Month – May ‘15

Summer's almost here!  At least on the Northern Hemisphere of things Smiley Happy  While things are heating up around here weather-wise, things have also been, ahem, heating up on the forum as well!


In the month of May, which included an Expert Day, the forum had over 6.3 million visitors with 12,000 new topics posted and 1,800 solutions reached.  The bulk of those accepted solutions were from HP Experts, so let's take a moment to recognize our top contributors for the month of May:





Topping out is @Paul_Tikkanen, who made a impressive 1090 posts, which garnered him 341 kudos and 195 accepted solutions in May.


Here are some of the praises that fellow community members have sang of Paul's help:


"My many thanks for your help. That driver was just what the doctor ordered. It worked great. Thanks again." - @billytec


"Yet again Paul are my hero...thanks again for sorting my problems.  Cheers buddy" - @doe209






Not far behind is @banhien, who wrote 715 posts in May, bringing in 214 kudos and 113 accepted solutions.  Here's what the community has to say about his help:


"Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge. It helped alot. Thank you very much" - @kosalanef


"Thanks for the reply and helping me out! Great Support all of you! Smiley Happy" - @NitinPujari




Here are some other notable praises that were shared in the community in May:


"Thanks so much!  Simple solutions are the BEST." -@Deecy to @davidzuts


"Wow! Thanks so much! It's a lot faster than before." - @vangli to @GBL84


"Thanks to y2ken, you were on the money. [...] Thanks to all for your help, it's much appreciated." - @jumprider to @y2ken


 "Well, finally! Thanks, 8lives!  Your time was much appreciated." - @t_StephenT21 to @8lives


"You made my day... perfectly fine... Thanks alot... :smileyhappy: " - @Nishamkk1 to @Dan_Asee




Thank you all for your contributions to the community!  Here's to an amazing summer Smiley Happy


Best of the Month – April ‘15

Is it really May already?  I don't know about you guys, but it feels like 2015 just barely started!  I guess time flies when you're having a good time Smiley Wink  Speaking of which, here's a snap shot of some of the good times in the community:


In the month of April, the forum had 5.9 million visitors with 14,000 new topics posted and 1,800 solutions reached.  Half of those accepted solutions were from HP Experts, so let's take a moment to recognize April's top contributors:




We'd like to recognize @DavidPK for posting the most accepted solutions last month.  He wrote 566 posts with 199 accepted solutions, recieving a total of 188 kudos.  Here's what folks are saying in response to his solutions:


"This resolved the issue! Thank you very much!" -- @tmartin-hodges


"You are the bomb! Thank you." -- @ah00





Also at the top of the list is @Paul_Tikkanen!  During this time, he posted 814 posts, 148 of which were accepted solutions.  As a thank you from the community, he received 239 kudos.


Here are what community members are saying to him:


"Paul, my grateful thanks, my P.C. is now working as it should. This is the first time I have used this site and to get a reply as quickly as I did was brilliant.  Regards and thanks again." -- @Chris_Lea


"WOOOW ! Its work for me :smileyhappy: Now I know where the problem is . Thanks for everything so much :smileyhappy:   Greeting from Poland." -- @Ben1799





Alongside Paul is @banhien again.  In the month of April, he posted 850 posts, 116 of which were accepted slutions, and he received 228 kudos. 


Here's some of the praise he's received from the community:


"Thank you for the link. The driver helped solve my problem" -- @jaykallega


"Thanks a million, it worked perfectly." -- @HM_Computer





And of course, we can't forget -- one of our community's best, @Dragon-Fur, became a new Provost in April!  Congratulations on reaching this milestone!




Here are a couple of other praises from the community to their fellow community members for helping them out:


"Thanks. Your suggested procedure is working. [...] Sound works now." -- @Tom-mi to @kyle_b


"Thanks a lot CherylG!  Thumbs Up and Solution Accepted for you =)  Cheers from Brazil!" --  @Victor_Campos to @CherylG




Thank you again for a great April! Smiley Happy



Best of the Month – March ‘15

Despite it being spring break season, we had 6.4 million visitors to our community in the month of March, with 14,000 posts that brought us over 2,000 accepted solutions.  Over 1300 of those solutions were provided by our Experts, so thank you all for those helpful contributions!


Let's take a moment to recognize our top contributors:


Top Contributors




Our top contributor in March was once again, @Paul_Tikkanen, who contributed 998 posts with 149 accepted solutions, receiving 246 kudos from appreciative community members.


And last month was extra special because Paul hit a milestone. Drum roll, please...


He hit 50,000 posts.


So please join us in congratulating him!


Here are some of the appreciative messages that he received as a result of his helpfulness:




Paul is in good company this month because right up there with him is @banhien, contributing 982 posts and 135 accepted solutions, receiving love from the community in the form of 281 kudos.


Here are some words of appreciation from the community for him:



Support Highlights


Here are some other praises from around the community:


"That was it! My light is back. Thanks so much!" -- @DottieK1 to @DavidPK 


"Wow I searched all over for that and couldn't find it, lol. Thank you so much I am now smiling again !!" -- @Logix5000 to @Huffer 


"Shlomi - I fixed it Works great - thanks!" -- @grafiti4u to @ShlomiL 


 "Brilliant, Dragon-Fur. Simple clear and concise instruction.  Thank you." -- @muirburn to @Dragon-Fur 



Again, thank you all for contributing and we hope you're having a great spring break!

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