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HP ZBook Studio G4
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have the following:

  • ZBook Studio G4 w/ dGPU
  • Zbook Dock w/ Thunderbolt 3
  • 2 x Z27s 4K Displays


According to the documentation for both the ZBook Studio and ZBook Dock, it should be possible to use the laptop display, and then dual 4K displays on the dock, one on DP1, and the other on USB-C/Thunderbolt with a DP adapter.


On the dock, either the DP will work, or the USB-C will work.  Cannot get both to work at the same time.  Currently the only way I have gotten all three displays is the laptop screen, the additional USB-C directly on the laptop, and a DP on the dock.


The documentation mentions disabling DP2 on the dock, but no clue how to do that.  Just assumed it would disable it when everything was hooked up.


Anyways, want this to all work as expected with just the dock cable hooked ot the laptop.


I know there was lots of issues with the dock originally, but from what I have ready it appears to be stable now.  Everything is updated, latest firmware.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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From the following document, there are many options for external monitors




You need to check configuration of your machine to work out (I don't know your machine, my guessing is the one inside the red frame):





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That is the setup for hybrid graphics. Mine has an nVidia card set to discrete graphics (dGPU) which is the next section in that document. Each set of diagrams show the different options based on the setup. The last one is for two 4K displays with a dock.
HP Recommended

As mentioned above, the laptop has an NVIDIA card and is set to descete graphics mode (dGPU).  Attached are the options under that setup.  I am going for the last which should allow 3 displays (including the laptop display).  There is no VGA option on Studio so I crossed that out.




I can get the following setups to work, but not the setup in the diagram above:


1. Laptop Panel + 1 DP on Dock

2. Laptop Panel + 1 USB-C (using USB-C to DP adapter) on Dock

3. Laptop Panel + 1 USB-C (using USB-C to DP adapter) on Laptop + 1 DP on Dock


I really want to get it setup as it is in the diagram so I only have to connect the dock to the laptop at my desk.  So far I have been unable to get any combination of DP and USB-C to work together on the Dock.


From the dock user guide:


HP Recommended

Thanks for posting.  I am just getting my dual Z27s 4k displays set up to work with my ZBook Studio G3 and Thunderbolt dock.  I haven't fired the monitors up because I'm still loading all the drivers and firmware.  Simple me, I assumed it would have been easy to just plug the DisplayPort cables in and be on my merry way and then stumbled onto your post.


Would you mind posting the Thunderbolt-to-DisplayPort cable info, and if you were able to get your setup working?  My whole point of getting a dock was to not have to keep plugging cables into my ZBook as I took it from home to work and back (besides the dock/power cable).


Thanks for any help you can offer.

HP Recommended
I am still working with support trying to get it all working through the dock. I had to call HP to order the Thunderbolt to DisplayPort adapter. Wanted their adapter to reduce possible issues.

Right now I have to use the extra Thunderbolt port on the laptop to get all three monitors working. HP has escalated my case. Hoping to work with them more this week.
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I'am having exact the same problem as you. Cannot drive two 4K's via the dock, instead i need to plug one in directly into the laptop.


Have you eventually been able to solve the problem?



HP Recommended

Unforatuntely, no.  Support was never able t reproduce the issue and then they got to a point they wanted me to send in my laptop and I didn't go that far.


Frustrating though.

HP Recommended

I actually was able to get the setup to work.  Unfortunately I can't say exactly what caused it to start working, but here are some pieces.


I have a ZBook Studio G3, so that could  be a difference.  Setup I have is with the "HP ZBook Dock with Thunderbolt 3" and the configuration and connected as the diagram previously posted shows -- display 1 is the laptop display, display 2 (HP Z27s) connected to the dock via USB-C -to-HDMI cable, display 3 (HP Z27s) connected to the dock via DisplayPort1.


I am running Windows 10.  One thing I did have to do with a separate dual display setup that I hook this machine to is to install the DisplayLink software (http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/windows).  I ddon't know if this makes a difference, but it solved the problems with the other dual-display setup I had (two E240s in a pr3005 dock).


I started by getting one monitor going on the DP1 slot, then plugged the second monitor in using the "HP USB-C to HDMI 2.0" cable (Product # 1WC36UT).


I just connected this today and it works.  I haven't shut down and rebooted yet to see if it still works, but I'm pretty sure it will.

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