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HP EliteBook 8570w Synaptics touchpad/trackpoint buttons and gestures problems

Product Name: EliteBook 8570w
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



I updated my OS to Windows 10. Everything works perfectly except of trackpoint/touchpad.


The first issue is really a critical one - trackpoint buttons are practically useless. Single button click causes the mouse click event multiple times - for example opens 6 new cards in a web browser instead of one. I've found another post here describing in detail exactly the same problem but the author didn't get any response, neither from HP nor the community:


The driver delivered with Windows (which is also listed as compatible with Windows 10 on HP's 8570w support site version, causes the problems I mentioned earlier.

The updated one from Synaptics website ( additionaly prevents the OS from detecting the middle button...


Additionally, the only gestures I can use are the basic ones - no advanced 3- or 4-finger ones (please don't tell me that the hardware is incompatible because similar gestures worked on Windows 8.1 I used earlier).


I have a dual boot with Win10 and Linux and on Linux everything works flawlessly, so it's definitely not a hardware problem


What should I do to make my touchpad and trackpoint fully functional?

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Re: HP EliteBook 8570w Synaptics touchpad/trackpoint buttons and gestures problems

Hello HP? As you can see, there are multiple Elitebook 8750W users with this same problem on Windows 10!



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Re: HP EliteBook 8570w Synaptics touchpad/trackpoint buttons and gestures problems

I have the same problem.


Do you found a solution?


I recently have updated the windows with 1rst aniversary update, and the problem persists.


Does HP have a solution?


Thank you,

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Re: HP EliteBook 8570w Synaptics touchpad/trackpoint buttons and gestures problems

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Yes! I think I have found a solution for our problem.


For last few months I was using Synaptics driver (newer then available on Synaptics website) from other HP computer (HP Envy or something similar). It was quite problematic to make it work - I had to blacklist the original driver that Windows kept installing every reboot.


However, the situation changed after Anniversary Update was released. Synaptics released a new version of their driver ( which can be downloaded from Windows Update servers. After installing the driver and rebooting the OS everything works and Windows is not trying to install the other driver anymore. However, I encountered another problem with a middle click button - with the new driver every click caused Cortana to open. I've also found a fix for this issue - you just have to open TouchPad and TouchStyk settings in Control Panel>Mouse and change the middle key behaviour to something else than middle click (for example turn it off), click "Apply" and then switch it back to middle click and click "OK".


After these steps nearly everything works - even three and four finger gestures. The only thing that doesn't is double click in top left corner to turn off the touchpad (I think a Windows registry change can make it work, because after first reboot it worked).


I hope my solution will help other EliteBook 8570w users too. Smiley Happy

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