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HP ZBook Studio G
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Re: HP ZBook Studio G

The bios update rev 1.15 for the Probook 450 G3 has identical fix notes to your ZBooks, and was told by iMaxx that this laptop would get the fix as well but the fluctuating fan remains...

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Re: HP ZBook Studio G

In My oppinnion, this "HighEnd" Machine is just one of the biggest and most expensive piece of crap i´ve ever seen from HP!

Ist not to get the Fans silent, because they are just about 4-5mm high, so they have to blow out the Heat by higher RPM, the Result ist higher Noise. The Cooling it selve is quite good, the CPU Temperature is max 76°C @ continous 100% Load on CPU and GPU. The Fansink is one piece for CPU and GPU with 2 Fans.


Unfortunately there will be no Solution to get this Machine silent unless you shut it down.


The biggest Mistake is to order this Crap



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Re: HP ZBook Studio G


I have a Zbook 17 with the same problem.

The machine runs extremely hot to the touch and the fan constantly makes the very annoying noise whirring at different pitchs like it is labouring.

It is actually driving me crazy and anyone else who comes anywehere near it.


ive reverted to wearing ear plugs which in itself is extremely annoying but at least I dont gat a headache from this constant whirring.


I have read the first three or four pages of this extremely long thread and HP seem no closer to solving it. 

Admitedly I havent read to page eleven and I think I will hav to just to see if someone found a fix.


I am about to log a fault but frankly I can;t do without my machine for even a short period of time and I am extremely busy.

Please, can someone from HP help me with the problem?



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Re: HP ZBook Studio G

This machine cost me over 7000 aussie dollars. It should have come with a lifetime supply of headache medicine for that price.

Surely HP can find a fix for this fan noise.

please HP?!!

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