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Elite X2 g4
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello all... Ok, sorry about the weird subject but it does kind of sum up the issue... I have a Elite X2 g4 tablet I bought second hand earlier this year, it is the i7 8565u cpu, 16gb memory, and came with the leather keyboard accessory ... beautiful piece of kit. However, the keyboard started developing problems after a while, dead keys etc, so I got online to see how I could get the keyboard serviced via the warranty, which according to the release date of the g4 should still be in effect, whether 1 year or 3 year warranty. Surprisingly, when I go to the online warranty check, my units serial decrees my machine is as follows:


HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx
Product Number  T0Z73PA

Warranty type      Manufacturer Warranty


Status            Expired

Start Date    July 02, 2016

End Date      July 01, 2017


I have checked a double-checked the serial, both that detected via the HP Support Assistant and found within the BIOS. I looked up a picture of this "Pavillion 15" machine, and trust me, this is no case of mistaken identity, my machine is obviously an Elite X2 g4, but is convinced that it isnt... I am unable to even contact support through the Support Assistant since its already decided I have no warranty. Not sure how this is all possible, nor what I could possibly do to remedy the situation... I of course am cognizant of the whole "caveat emptor", but am more surprised it is even possible to modify something as assumedly hard-coded as the serial number on a device with so much security features.
Anyone seen this before, anyone know how/where I could possibly get my leather keyboard serviced? Thanks in advance all..!
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I forgot to mention, my i7-8565u isidentified by CPU-Z as an 'engineering sample', and the Intel cpu identifier refuses to identify the chip for the same reason... isn't the cpu soldered directly to the mainboard, is this expected? I didn't think engineering samples were ever used in oem distributed hardware..?

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It all sounds like a mystery.

Whatever the check for Warranty is thinking, an Elite x2 is not Pavilion.  Smiling.


That said,

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