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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended
Zbook 17 G6 English 6CK22AV
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Blu-ray optical drive is malfunctioning. Virtual assistant is useless and sends me to dead links. No live support without paying more for the warrantee service I think I should have for another 2.5 years. I just want to replace the drive.

HP Recommended



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Virtual Assistant can check what is in the database.


For example, if the workstation was not registered after purchase, the agent might not find the correct warranty information.


If anything prevents the VA from finding the information in the expected locations, the little agent cannot expand its search.


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HP Support - Technical Support for Devices in Warranty


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For the rest of us, this is not an option.

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Our Community is not HP Support; we do offer help free of charge.

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In Windows

Settings > System > About > (Support) Online support > Contact an HP Agent



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Open homepage for  HP Community

At the top of the web page, hover mouse over Support

Beneath Support Resources > Contact Us




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Some regions in the World offer WhatsApp to connect with HP Support


NOTE - At this writing:  USA is not included in supported regions.

NOTE 2:  Submission Checks the device warranty status


Covered regions – minute 2:08

Video:    WhatsApp - HP Support



Product Registration



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Have a Care Pack Warranty that needs to be Registered?

         HP Care Pack Registration Page



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         Warranty Check – Single or Multiple Devices


NOTE:  Warranty date is updated after purchase and registration of the device.

If the device is not registered, or if there are other issues, submit a Warranty Dispute form.


       NOTE 2:  If the single-system-check fails to find your device, use the "multiple devices" method to

check single or multiple devices.


  • If necessary, Select your Country on the main website page or at the bottom (click Flag)
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  • When the page opens, Click View Details


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HP Limited Warranty Statements (General Information)


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HP Recommended

Thank you, Dragon-Fur, for the run-down on acquiring warrantee service. I had done most of these things, however, much of the automated process I encountered does not currently work. For instance, after the virtual assistant runs out of suggestions, as you point out limited by its database, it offers to link to online services. Click the link...page not found. Try to access the services manually. After entering the model and serial number from the HP Virtual Assistant, it loops back to the same page with the fields again empty. (The Virtual Assistant correctly identifies my laptop and its warrantee information, which is what I use.) Try to verify warrantee information manually. Says the assistant-provided SN is not valid. Go into HP account: there is the info for this and previous PCs. It is correct. Click for additional assistance: nothing happens or it takes me back to the main service page to start over.


I finally go hold of a tech by going to the premium support page and clicking on the contact us tab. I have not been able to repeat that access since, since I am now told that I no longer qualify for Care Packs since I bought my PC last fall. (Would have been nice to know, though the idea of having to pay a fee to get warrantee services for a defective part is irritating.)


So, I am getting my replacement part, after several tries to get service and a lot of frustration over almost a week.


If this is intentional on HP's part--and I know you are not with HP--it is foolish. I may never buy another HP laptop, and a premium one at that, over this issue. And that after buying a lot of them for myself and family over the years. Penny wise; pound foolish.


Thanks for your reply, and thanks for passing any of this on that you might think will make a difference.



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