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Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

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I have been getting emails for a while about a battery recall on my HP Pavillion laptop (dv6605us).  I check my battery numbers and it keeps telling me my battery is not affected.

Now my laptop is getting hot, the fan runs in overdrive almost non stop.  The latest is that it gets so hot it just shuts down.  I have removed the battery and it no longer shuts down and does not run as hot but still gets quite warm and the fan runs constantly.

I am brand loyal and I have been so happy with this laptop that I JUST bought a Pavillion Elite desktop, which was not cheap.  Now that my laptop is acting up I try to get some answers from HP and get it shoved up my {Content Removed: Language Filter Evasion} ?????

All the information I can get from a person I can not even understand is that my laptop is out of warranty and my battery is not on the recall list. BUT for $49.95 I can get my questions answered ????   I do not want to know how to hook up my Xbox to my computer I wanna know if this {Content Removed: Language Filter Evasion} thing is gonna burn my house down !!!!!  The product is performing excellent I have no technical problems at all, this is purely a safety issue.  My battery seems to be doing everything the recalled batteries were doing but mine doesnt happen to be on the list ????  I was told it is "old" and "batteries wear out" I can understand that if it wasnt holding a charge etc but not when it sets my house on fire.

Please dont tell me this is how a customer gets treated after his warranty expires.  I am already getting thoughts of regret for spending over $1000 on my new desk top.  If I wanted a disposable computer I would have paid a disposable price for it.

I buy quality items (or so I thought) and take care of them and USUALLY get trouble free service from them for many years.

Somebody tell me something or should I just either get rid of the thing or double up on my homeowners insurance ??


I spoke too soon, as I was writing this on my desktop the laptop shut off again on my wife with the battery removed.  I guess I should just unload the thing and go buy a cheap one from WaMart and move on.

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

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I don't know if you have ever tried cleaning your vents, but it is worth a shot:


Reducing Heat and Fan Noise by Cleaning Air Vents


After a year, or less, a lot of dust can get sucked into the heatsink and cause a notebook to get very hot.

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

Did you ever get this resolved. I am having the same issue. I took the battery out and it seems to be OK for the time being. I dont want to go buy a new battery only to have the same issue. Any thoughts?

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

I'm having the same problem.  Moreover, I was reading a different thread where the HP tech told the person to disconnect the battery, do a hard start and run from AC power.  I did that and it is STILL burning hot and crashing!  Mine is out of warranty and it probably needs a new motherboard.  Thanks so much HP!  My laptop cost $1,200 and lasted 3 years!?!?  My husband's Lenovo works FANTASTIC!!  We bought them at the same time and he's never had a single problem.  If I can't get any help and have to pay to replace the motherboard, I'm just going to switch manufacturer, and let everyone I meet know the amount of problems we've had with HP.  We also bought the desktop elite and I've had problems with that as well.  I can't express how disappointed I am with HP!

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

I have an HP HDX 16 computer that is out of warranty. When I purchased it I paid for a second battery. Lately my laptop has been getting extremely hot even when I switch batteries. The vents on my computer are clear so that is not the issue. The paint on the lid of my laptop is bubbling and peeling off. I have no doubt that the computer will die from overheating soon. The reason I am on this site is because I have tried unsuccessfully to communicate with HP. It seems like once you are out of warranty they dont want to talk to you. I guess repeat business is not part of their long term strategy.


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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

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Can I just say I have the HP HDX 16 as well and have had nothing but overheating problems. The problem with this computer is unrelated to the battery, but rather internal damage. 


At one point I paid the $99 for the phone tech support and of course HP blamed every other single manufacturer (nVidia, EA Games, etc.) and NEVER fixed my problem. I called and got a refund. My computer has gotten to a point when I play games or use Skype and it just overheats and shuts down to protect the parts.


Dummy me, I was not aware it was shutting down for that reason and I kept using the computer at these high temperatures. So now my laptop will stay on successfully for about 20 minutes, then overheat and shut down.


I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau asking for the amount of this laptop used, which is about $630. I figure I will put this towards a new laptop when this one is dead. Why should I pay more when the computer falling apart is not my fault? I haven't even had it for 3 full years!


{Content Removed: legal discussion}


The last thing I will say is I wish I had known this computer was a dud when I was buying it. I would have rather paid $600 for a piece of crap than wasted $1200 for a piece of crap. Just saying....

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

 let everyone I meet know the amount of problems we've had with HP.

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

I have the same problem with my HP dm1 1020ed. It become getting hot after almost 1,5 years. I had the same story with my pavillion dv7. It became hot after about 2 years.

I dont know I sometimes doubt if they maybe do something that we should buy another laptop after 2 years or so.

But I am sure that the problem that I have is not because of the battery because when I remove it I still have the problem. And I bought a new original battery and I still have the problem.

If someone knows how I can resolve it please let it know.

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

I guess I should feel 'welcomed to the group" - that is, those customers who have been royally screwed by HP.  I too have a dv6268se running hot.  HP rudely dismissed me as I'm out of warranty and my battery is not on their list.  Now running it without the battery I realize it's the laptop itself and the constant problems I have are damage from the heat which will soon kill my laptop.  I too have been loyal to HP both through business and personally but no more.  Reading these posts I realize this is way beyond a 'battery' issue....shame on you HP.  I hope one day this catches up with you!    I think we should all make the effort to spread the word.

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Re: Laptop gets WAY TOO HOT !!

Yeah.. Me too.. welcome to the club..!!

After 2 years, my HP Pavilion dv3 start to make a noise like a flight that wanna take-off.. Noise fan... Surely hot..

Pretty sure that it was not because of the clogged air vent.. And now, because of the high in temperature, it keeps rebooting all the way.. Thanks HP..

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