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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended
Hp Z820
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I installed Hp performance advisor on my Z820 to see if had any issues with my workstation and i got this warning :


 Does it have to do with the DIMMS installation order?

HP Recommended

HP has published a White Paper that you can use to optimize your Z820 memory configuration:

HP Z820 memory configurations and optimization


Note that sometimes HP Performance Advisor 'criticizes' a given configuration even though it is optimal, because it seems to assume that you are free to add as much memory as you please to fill more memory channels.

HP Recommended

please refer to the dimm load order label located on the inside of the side cover, if missing use this link below




the message is quite descriptive, you have a memory bank that should be populated with ram that is not this causes a slowdown is ram access times


if you have 2 cpu's there are 4 memory banks (two for each cpu installed) each bank should have the same capacity ram installed

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Yes i have two cpu's installed and two Rams(2x 32Gb) with a total of 64 Gb of memory.

The reason  iam checking my workstation is that i get corrupted video/ image files after i copy them to any harddrive from my sd card.

I think its a memory problem causing this?

HP Recommended

no, i doubt memory is the issue


as to ram, for optimal performance cach cpu should have two sticks  of the proper memory specs installed if desired add 2 more 4gb or 8gb stick to each cpu bank for better performance


exactly what is happening you need to specify the hard drive type SAS/SATA/SSD  and the controller port being used


the SD card maker/size and id the reader model if known and the connection used internal or ext and if usb 2/3

HP Recommended

I use this workstation for video editing. I have : 

1 SSD Samsung 1Tb     (Uses SCSI port)

1 Hdd 1Tb                        (Uses SCSI port)

1 SSD Kingston 500gb (cache and scratch)           (Uses SCSI port)

1 SSD for OS.                    (Uses SATA port)


My SD card is SanDisk Extreme pro (64Gb) and the card reader is also San Disk using a 3.0 usb and i connect it to the front panel of HP z820.


HP Recommended

1 SSD Samsung 1Tb     (Uses SCSI port),........ i doubt that, ssd's are usually NVME or SATA based  please look at the actual physical data connection and not device manager as the samsung driver list devices incorrectly as SCSI


also i need the correct port, the z820 has both INTEL "SCU" SATA 3GBps and two Intel "Normal" blee or grey 6GBps SATA ports and seven LSI SAS/SATA ports (along the bottom of the motherboard


I still need to know if the card reader is connected to the motherboards usb 2.0 headers or to a addin usb card and if that card is a usb 2 or 3 card


you may also want to read this link




please relist all devices, it important in order to provide further help

HP Recommended

The SSD Samsung 1Tb is using a sata cable connection which is connected at bottom of motherboard on SAS port.

Only the operating System SSD is connected  on a grey sata connector.

Card reader is connected to the motherboards usb 2.0 headers (Z820 provides two usb 3.0 ports and one 2.0 in the front panel)

HP Recommended

the 1 TB boot ssd needs to be on one of the two blue/grey SATA 6GBps borts (with the cd/dvd on the other)


no devices should be connected to the bottom LSI SAS/SATA ports, move them to the Intel "SCU" ports and note that the port numbers start at 0 (closest to the blue/grey ports) match the numbered  cables from the internal 4 hotswap bays to the matching "SCU" port number, then enter the Bios and Disable the LSI "Boot Rom" do not disable the LSI device!!

this will speed up the boot time, increase the ssd speed and still allow devices connected to the LSI ports to be seen as non bootable devices


install the latest/Last Intel RSTe driver ( ) that supports the z820 c602 chipset anything later than 4.6 will not have support for the c602 chipset




get a QUALITY USB 3.0  card reader and a QUALITY USB 3.0 card the card linked to below has both front and rear usb 3.0 (gen 2) 10 MBps ports instead of gen 1 5MBps




you also need a quality USB 3.0 card reader not your 2.0 one (that one may be the source of part of your problem)

i am currently unaware of any internal 5.25 usb 3 gen 2 readers only external ones


connect to rear usb 3.1 gen 2 port of the ext usb gen 2 reader i linked to above




or go this way much slower 5GBps instead of 10



and the 3.5 to 5.25 adapter



again, do not use the USB 2.0 ports for data xfer of your 54GB card!!!!!







HP Recommended

In order to disable LSI Boot ROM i have : 

Option Rom Promt ---> Enabled

Mini Option Rom Display --> Enabled

Should i disable them both?

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