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HP ProDesk 400 G5 Desktop Mini PC
Microsoft Windows 11

My HP ProDesk 400 G5 mini boots to the HP logo, then to a Firmware Update screen with an HP logo stating:-


Recovering intel management engine firmware to version 


It reaches 50%,  then stops and reboots/loops.


I can't reach the BIOS screen or use a Microsoft Recovery disk. Every time it only boots to this screen.

Can you help?

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This is the screen I get when trying to boot up:-

firmware update warning.jpg

An internet search shows a lot of similar screenshots, but I've so far been able to find anyone with a solution. The progress bar gets to 50% then the computer reboots, in an endless loop. What exactly is this software - can it be safely removed?

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UPDATE - still not fixed.


I have now tried multiple ways to boot into something other than this persistent firmware update screen, but nothing that I've tried so far gets round it. I have tried the following:


  • I have reset the CMOS (battery removal and replacement) - no change
  • Created a Win recovery USB - took a long time to write but did not boot
  • Created a bootable WinPE USB- refused to boot up
  • Located and tried the HP Firmware Update and Recovery Utility on a USB - nothing happened
  • Experimented with all sorts of key combinations, start button pressing etc - no change
  • And of course unplugged everything excent a monitor and cabled keyboard

I've seen a lot of photos in the internet showing this exact problem, and a lot of similar ones. The persistent screen has the HP logo on it, so surely HP must have a workround for this.


I really like this computer, which has Win 11 Pro. I am now faced with having an expensive paperweight which I don't need.


All help and suggestions would be gratefully received.

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I've just received an email from HP Support Community Team informing me that there has been a proposed solution posted.  Unfortunately, I cannot find it.


The link in the email leads to this page, which on my browser (and logged in) has only my 3 posts, now plus this one.


If there is a possible solution, I would be grateful if someone in the HP Support Community Team could direct me to it.


Thank you for your help.

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My problem has had no response/solution from HP service/Community, so today I went to a specialist repair shop.  I am fortunate to live in a large city (Berlin, Germany) where we have this service available.


The solution proposed by the repair specialist is to reinstall the system, but wind back to WIN 10.  I was told that WIN  11  is seen as still in Beta, and the repair specialists here (Germany) have had a lot of problems with it.


I'll have to wait a few days to see if my computer can be resurrected from the dead, and if it works, I will certainly post the solution here so that the Community can benefit.


On a related theme -  I have two HP PCs, and on both I found that the warranty period was almost over just after purchasing them. As if the warranty was calculated from the time the computers reached the shop, not when they were purchased




Regards from Berlin.

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At the moment I can only comment on the 'related theme' you mentioned:


Some manufacturers of computer hardware enable users to register their products online, and the act of registration involves sumbitting proof of purchase (scanned invoice, receipt, shipment papers etc.) to the manufacturer website registration page.


In one case that I have encountered, Western Digital actually increased the remaining period of warranty for my WD hard disks by two years, after they received my proof of purchase, that showed that the date of purchase from the store in my location was in fact two years after the date of manufacture of those hard disks.


HP has a Product-registration website. The URL depends on the country/region, so for Germany it is:



Try to register your HP PC's online, and see if the date of purchase has any effect on warranty period.

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Thanks for the registration tip. I have filled in the online form for my second HP pc, which I bought on 23 Sept 2021.  This MUST still be inside the warranty period.


But, when I checked my devices under my profile, after filling in the data, and after using the refresh list link, I still get an expired warranty notice:-


HP Devices list.png


I'm sorry this is all in German, but EXPIRED is clear to see.  Is this legal?

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Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it cannot work with my PC. This Youtube video comes up on the top of search lists for my problem, so I'm thinking that this is quite common.


My PC has an SSD hard drive, located under a chassis for installing a second HD. I had a look, but it looked a bit difficult to remove - there is no cable as in the video - it seems in my case to slot into a socket.


The PC is now in the repair shop, and I'll post any success so that others with this problem might be helped. By the way, I'm still puzzled by the email from HP support which informed me that a possible solution had been posted, but never was.:-


HP Support - answer.png

The link was: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Workstations-and-Point-of-Sale-Systems/HP-ProDesk-400-G5-... which is this page. Have I missed something?

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Well, in my view the matter is worth escalation to official HP support representatives in your country.

Google for how to contact hp support in Germany to locate local representatives.


Before that, you might consult the store where you made the purchase, to find the original distributor that imported the PC's to Germany from the country of manufacture. Perhaps there are relevant records of dates, serial numbers etc.

Usually, HP business PC's marketed in Europe and here in the Middle-East are manufactured in the Czech republic.


Also, if you like to read legal documents and get the full meaning of the 'small print', you may choose to read the HP brochure (printed in several European languages) describing the official terms of HP Warranty, sometimes including references to differing legal terms in specific countries according to local laws. Such printed brochures accompany every HP PC sold by HP distributors.

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