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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended
Hp Z420
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Hi to everybody.


I've a Z420 which has installed a Xeon E5 1620, with a tdp of 130W.


I'll use this workstation as a server.......so I need a cpu with a lower tdp...and because it will be used as backup/shared file platform it will not need high power/performance cpu


My z420, being a gen1 version, has this cpu supported list:


Name Cores Clock Speed (GHz) Cache (MB) Memory Speed (MHz) QPI Speed (GT/s) HyperThreading Featuring Intel® vPro™ Technology Intel® Turbo Boost Technology1 TDP (W)

Intel® Xeon® E5-2687W processor 8 3.1 20 1600 8.0 Y Y 3, 7 150

Intel Xeon E5-2665 processor 8 2.4 20 1600 8.0 Y Y 4, 7 115

Intel Xeon E5-1660 processor 6 3.3 15 1600 - Y Y 3, 6 130

Intel Xeon E5-1650 processor 6 3.2 12 1600 - Y Y 3, 6 130

Intel Xeon E5-1620 processor 4 3.6 10 1600 - Y Y 2, 3 130

Intel Xeon E5-1607 processor 4 3.0 10 1066 - N Y N/A 130

Intel Xeon E5-1603 processor 4 2.8 10 1066 - N Y N/A 130 


My question is: Can I install every xeon e5 V1 cpu on my Z420 gen 1 motherboard or only the officially supported cpu?


For example, here I've a couple of xone 2670, (115W) can i use one of them insted of the 1620?


Or Can I install a xeon 2620, which have a great 95W tdp even if it not inclued into the official supported list?


here in the following link, There are all the Xeon E5 v1 with a lower tdp: https://ark.intel.com/compare/64592,64609,64604,64588,64602,64594,64607,64603,64593,64622,64586,6460...


Can I install them on my WS?


Thanks for any help as always 🙂


P.S.The win7 license will work even if the cpu is not on the official cpu supported list?



HP Recommended


If possibile I'd be really interested to use a Xeon E5 2630L which has a 60W TDP


Please let me know if is it possible to use it on my z420 gen1 ws 🙂


Have a great day to everybody


HP Recommended

reguarding your cpu question(s) all i can say is that the ones HP lists are known to work.


boot block date 2011: only v1 Xeons


boot block date 2013: v1 and v2 Xeons.


To check the boot block date look in the BIOS in the System Information tab


Installing a diffrent cpu (from the same 26xx or 16xx series that is not on HP's supported list should work but you will have to try it yourself to be sure, since the cpu's you want to use are all of lower wattage than the offically supported ones i am of the opinion that it should work unless HP has used a bios whitelist that only allows the cpu's in the list to work


as a test simply find the cheapest 26xx/16xx cpu off ebay that is not on the HP list and see if it boots if it does then all others have a very high chance of also working as long as the wattage is the same or lower than the HP cpu's

HP Recommended

Hi Dgroves,


Yeah I've thought the same...same socket, equal or lower wattage compared to the HP cpu support list...they should work.


Looking on ebay there are a lot of Z420 sold with E5 2620, e5 2670 and with e5 2630L


But I'd like to ask here for confirmation too 🙂


I already have a couple of e5 2670 but I'd like to try to purchase for a few bucks a E5 2630L.....it has just a 60w tdp, which is perfect for my purpose to use it as backup/sharing files server.


So I'll try and I'll let you know 🙂


If the system will work fine, do you think W7 oem license will accept the cpu change as legit?


Thanks again

HP Recommended

the win 7 OEM  activation takes place within the Bios (win key) and the win 7 OEM certificate that is embedded into all HP branded windows when you enter in the HP win serial it compleats the key exchange between the bios and HP cert and self activates. due to this it makes no diffrence what is changed as long as the motherboard has a HP bios you can change anything and it will still self activate (no internet required)


if interested google on it for more detailed information on how win 7 OEM activates

HP Recommended

Hi Dgroves!


Thanks for the detailed infos! I didn't know that


So, The Windows license is "related" with the Motherboard bios.....


So, theoretically, I can change everything (Cpu, hdd, gpu, ram) except the motherboard to still use/activate the serial written into the COA, is that right?


Thanks again

HP Recommended

you can usually even change the HP motherboard with a diffrent HP motherboard in most cases and it will still self activate


while some HP install sisks did check the bios string for a specific text, most HP restore disks don't really care, all they check for is the HP "golden" oem key that is embeded in the bios and also the HP cert on the win 7 disk and bingo self activation (the serial on the case is not used, it's simply there to show that MS got it's fee



HP Recommended

Unfortunately I've not the restore disk.


I'll have to change the primary/boot disc but I've only the COA on the case...


For the installation of windows 7 I'll use my windows 7 pro retail disc and I'll try to activate it using che key written on the COA....I hope it will works fine anyway...

HP Recommended

not going to happen OEM/retail keys differ


google how to change windows 7 retail to OEM or simply buy a HP win 7 OEM disk off ebay or a win 7 retail key off ebay

HP Recommended

Nono, Maybe I explained myself bad 🙂 (For sure)


I want to use the OEM license (COA key).


But when I purhcased the Z420 the seller did not provided to me any dvd.....


So, I already have a retail Windows 7 copy here at home for my primary workstation....


I'd like to use the installation dvd (NOT the Key, I'm already using the retail key) to install the windows 7 files into the Z420 and then, I'd use the COA key to activate it...


You think it will not work?



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