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HP Recommended
z400 workstation
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)


Is there a new  cooling system for Hp Z400 workstation ? I already have two fans inside my case Cpu fan and 1 in the back of the case but  my cpu xeon x5690  temp reaches 75 - 83 while gaming.is this normal  ?


I did find cooling fans and water cooling system fits my Z400 but the problem is 4 pins. is it ok to use 5  to  4 pin adapters ?


Andy advice ?




HP Recommended

the HP 5 pin fan header is simply a normal 4 pin pwm header using the normal pwm pinout with a extra ground pin it's this extra ground pin that tells the motherboard when the upgraded cooling option is installed


this extra pin  is connected to the PWM ground pin (IE- pins 1-5 are grounded using a short wire)


and you can make any 4 pin PWM fan into the HP 5 pin by running a short wire from the ground pin (usually black wire) to the extra pin on the HP header



the xeon 5690 should idle around 30c and has a max of 78c before throttling


are you using the stock 90 watt HP heatsink? if so you need the upgraded 130 watt cooler hp offered or the water cooling option. check this forum for posts on the z400 by "SDH" he covers this in great detail with the necessary HP part numbers


you might want to replace the thermal paste on the cooler if the system is original as thermal paste does dry out over time

HP Recommended

this the heatsink in my case , 130 watt ?

plus I just bought the xeon x5690  used from aliexpress with a free thermal paste " cheap one "


idle temp around 47-49 with AC on  51-54 with AC off   I live in Baghdad you  know its hell in here.




I found this Aigo cpu fun 4 pins it fits  LGA 1366  socket  do think this would work in Z400 ?


Another 1



HP Recommended

The Z400 as you know is a single processor workstation and as such its case has a pretty high cooling capacity.  Yes, that heatsink/fan is the larger 130W max TDP rated unit, in contrast to the 95W max TDP "Mainstream" smaller heatsink/fan.  There is a fair amount of spare room in the Z400 case so you can fit in other heatsinks/fans.  The wiring, however, is critical on the fan...  it has to have a ground jumper from pin 1 to pin 5 so the motherboard knows it is a "Performance" fan.  Yes, you can spoof that but it is unwise to do so.


The large majority of the Z400 workstations were sold with those bigger heatsinks, which you can see on eBay under Assembly part number 463981-001.  A few were sold with the smaller 95W max TDP heatsink/fan that is also used most frequently in the Z600, which you can see under the Assembly part number 463990-001.  The "Spares" part number for these two are 538042-001 (95W) and 535586-001 (130W).


In contrast, the Z600 does not have much free room inside.  Thus, most of those workstations were sold with 1 or 2 95W max TDP heatsink/fan unit(s).  HP had to engineer a 130W max TDP fan that just barely fits..... 1 or 2 of those will fit in a Z600 or Z800, but they are rare and quite expensive as a result.  This unit has assembly part number 535588-001 and Spares part number 4639901-001.  No benefit to you because you already have a 130W rated cooler in yours.


I see you have a second high performance option that HP made for the Z400, the passive front airflow guide HP had as an option to move the hot front/memory air up and out through the power supply rather than let it flow into the case/processor heatsink/fan.  Find that under 591213-001.


You may not have a front "PCI cooling fan" option, which also serves as a guide for keepng the long PCIe cards stabilized.  The kits for the Z420 and the Z400 fit each other. 


Thermal paste:  We've used Noctua thermal paste for years with excellent performance.  There is the original NT-H1 and recently released is a verson 2, the NT-H2, supposedly a bit better.  I would not recommend using the generic stuff that came with your processor.

HP Recommended

I have to dig up a few more part numbers for you.... probably tomorrow.  If you already have a front PCI cooling fan then you're at about the best HP has to offer other than liquid cooling (and better thermal paste).






HERE  is the long lost HP White Paper article that goes into deeper detail on liquid cooling for the Z400/Z800:








HP Recommended

Thank you both for your time to answer my questions..

I understand   if i need to get a new 4 pin cpu cooler like the ones i mentioned above it has to have a ground jumper from pin 1 to pin 5 like the one in this picture to work ..Btw this is your pic  🙂


Tomorrow I will order the thermal paste you recommended and let you know the results , thanks again



HP Recommended

Yep... I recognized that.  You're doing your homework!


Use of the 92 x 25 mm HP fan with its 5-wires plug end due to the ground jumper is the way to go in my mind.  There are some non-HP heatsinks you could use to get some added cooling from the processor side of things but I'd always want to use the 92 x 25 performance level fan from your original heatsink on whatever heatsink you might choose to use.  I found one from old notes known to fit and work fine this way.... let me know if you need that..


Here is info on the front PCI cooling fan option, which has the same exact shape used for the black plastic part for both the Z400 and the Z420 units.  The fan is different, but the black fan mount will work with any HP PWM 4-wire 92 x 25 mm case fan which you can find cheap on eBay.  The black plastic part is the hard thing to find these days.  There is a source from one of the part numbers below on eBay costing $20.00 USD currently.


I have found that eBay sellers sometimes use the fan's part number to sell the whole kit so search using that also: 


Z400 619579-001 SP P/N (HP calls this "Cooling fan kit with front guard & fan"), 604781-001 AS P/N


Z420 684024-001 SP P/N (HP calls this "Plastic front card Guide w/fan holder)  Also try 604781-003 AS P/N
647113-001 is the fan (this Nidec fan in Z420 runs at 629 RPM in a Z420.... excellent for reduced noise).


I'm not a gamer so I don't have a log of experience with how hard you might be pushing your hardware.  Stay safe....

HP Recommended

Hello sir,

I just want to let you know that there was a bug in the game  causing the CPU to overheat...game fixed, now cpu temp gets to 62C under full load 🙂


One more thing

I know that GTX 1060 6gb works perfect with Z400  and i have seen a lot of guys using it  and  I ve been told that the new GTX 1660 will works   if i use dual molex to 8 pin connector.. 



What do you think ?




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