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HP Z620 Workstation C8M57UP
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



My name is John Eline and I'm looking to find out the name and or Model of the

Motherboard that came with my HP Z620 Workstation - Number C8M57UP.

Can't find this anywhere in HP Support.


I found some HP Z620 Motherboards on eBay. One such Motherboard listed is:

HP Workstation Z620 Intel Lga2011 Motherboard Mainboard 619559-001. This

one happens to be sold out. I don't know if this would be the correct one anyway.

There are some other mother boards listed there. The ebay url is:




Please let me know the correct Motherboard for my HP Z620 Workstation.


Thanks for your time and help!




John Eline


HP Recommended





You can find the system boards at HP Part Surfer.  Look here.  The motherboard for Windows 8 would be a good choice.  You may not like the price.

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hp like most companies will have a retail part number and a diffrent internal number for the same part, also a part number from one division may not be the same one used by another division


and sometimes, a part may have a major revision that causes a part to be renumbered,  to  id the old part from the new part


in your case the z620 does have 2 diffrent motherboard revisions the early (original release) and a later v2 release


you want a v2 motherboard that supports the older 55xx xeons and also the newer 56xx xeons




In the z620  bios setup.  Look at the first page .  This page lists the BIOS boot block date. 

If the BIOS boot block date is 03/06/2013, the Z620 supports the E5-26xx V2 CPUs and the older versions (Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge).


If the BIOS boot block date is 12/20/2011, the Z620 supports only the E5-26xx "V1" CPUs (Sandy Bridge).  The system will probably not boot with a V2 CPU, and even if it does, the system will be very unstable. 


The Z620 boot block cannot be updated.  Updating the BIOS to the latest version from older versions does not update the boot block.

HP Recommended

John Eline,


There are in effect two versions of z620 motherboards:


619559-001 / 618264-001  will run the first version Xeon E5's in one (E5-16XX) or two (E5-26XX) processor configurations, using RAM of up to DDR3-1600 ECC either unbuffered or registered.  This series will not run nor can it be modified to run second series (E5-V2) processors.


708614-001  will run the second version Xeon E5's in one (E5-16XX V2) or two (E5-26XX V2) processor configurations, using RAM of up to DDR3-1866 ECC either unbuffered or registered. This version will also run first series processors.


If you are replacing a current motherboard, consider using a 708614-001 so as to allow changing to an E5 V2 in the future. The V2 series provide typically higher clock speeds, greater total RAM capacity, and the potential for up to 12 cores with V2 instead of 8.


Be careful in purchasing.



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