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HP Recommended
Z 230 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I hope everyone is well.
I am looking for a HP THUNDERBOLT-2  F3F43AT / 753732-001 card with the HP 751364-001 Internal header cable.

The header cable is specific to the Z230 Workstation..

Here's an example of the card with a header cable for the Zx40 models from ebay.



Can anyone help me?

Ive read the following;










I'm wanting to add Thunderbolt to connect to an Audio Interface due to it's better round trip latency than USB.

I don't care about daisy chaining to a monitor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

HP Recommended

Here's another link that references the card.




Many thanks (hopefully) in advance.



HP Recommended

FYI,.......both HP and Dell use the same Intel Reference TBolt 2 card, however i suspect each company may use a different pinout on the motherboard dell may have published the motherboard TBolt 2 pinout so check them for a cable and board pinout


the pin connections on the TBolt 2 card remains the same between Dell/HP, only the motherboard pinout may be different


as long as you get the power and ground lines correct, using a multimeter, you can then by trial and error determine the other 3 lines



dell# GGTXK  is the Display port wrap thru cable


NK4P3 is the GPIO cable to the motherboard.


07HMHP is the Dell TBolt 2 card  part number





HP Recommended

Z230 Header cable highlighted in yellow.Z230 Header cable highlighted in yellow.


HP Recommended

Thanks DGroves.


The Z230 has only 2 header pins on the motherboard. The other models have more and seem, by the look of the cables to have some jumping going on.


I'm an electronics novice at best.


I wonder does anyone knows if the 2 header pins on the Z230 motherboard are power & ground?


I really appreciate you taking the time to reply DGroves.


Photo of motherboard headers attached.


InkedZ230 MB header_LI.jpg



HP Recommended

not having this system i obviously will be making a educated guess,


looking at this document


  1. small form factor models – the port is near the edge of the board
  2. Tower models – the port is between slots 3 and 4




note the z230 illustration, it shows the 2 wires from the motherboard board connector labeled E102 go to the pins on the edge of the card this narrows down the possible connections as it will be only 2 pins so the question is which pin on the board to which pin on the card (only 2 ways to connect so you have a 50/50 chance to get it right the first time)  also does the header short any pins? i would guess it does not 


i suspect the 2 wires are sync signals or sync/ground if one is a ground, this can be confirmed using a multimeter simply touch one pin on the e102  to a known system ground and if it has continuity it;s a ground connection 

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