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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)

Hello there,


this is my second topic following a question regarding HP Z210 CMT, my previous one was related to any adapters for the PSU and can be found here:


I am looking to replace that PSU in a Z210 because there is nothing else to replace while troubleshooting a strange issue of mine


I have been using with workstation for years on 200R2 x64 with absolutely no issues at all, it was common to have uptimes of 1+ month and only reboot for windows updates.


During the past year though and especially following latest Spectre / Meltdown updates in Windows i notice this:


System hanging on random time intervals and usually with a browser or a chat application ( Telegram ) but not only, noticed system unresponsive and offline even while i am not using it (i get Nagios uptime alerts while this happens)


I was using for years i7 2600 with 2x8GB DDR3 and a particular RAID-0 array on SSD


I have literally tried every swap on this system:


1. migrated RAID-0 Samsung 850 Pro to dual Samsung 860 EVO

2. mutually swapped RAM module with 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance that were used in another Z210 running VmWare ESX

3. changed GPU for another Quadro

4. changed Z210CMT system board with another i ordered through ebay

5. mutually swapped PSU i had (DPS-400AB-13A REV. 02) with another from Z210 (DPS-400AB-13A REV. 01)


in cases 1,2,3,4 system hangs again after a day, a week or just 5 hours.


In case 5 system used to hang more often with the other PSU so i got back to the previous i had, also looking to source any Z210 PSUs online especially for DPS-400AB-13A REV. 04 i see in the States.


I am not sure what is the culprit and really want to solve this.


This is also interesting: if i use i5 2500 instead of i5 2600 system works fine


If i turn off hyperthreading for i7 2600 i still have the hang issue.


I am really close to dropping the case, this breaks down to the following at least from my perspective


* could be a PSU age issue and i might really need a newer one. I am in bad luck because no ATX PSU can be used and i have to find another Z210 type one, which might be used even more

* could be a software issue with my OS ( Windows 2008R2 ) and recent updates ??? i am not sure at this point and it is not something i really with to try ( IMHO and from personal experience, 2008R2 has been the BEST operating system for workstation usage i ever experienced )


I am considering to move over to new hardware entirely and really look for Z240 as a good step, but my experience with proprietary hardware is making me drop HP workstations entirely and build my own rig eventually.


Any ideas ? i would really appreciate any tips or troubleshooting scenarios at this point





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on that RAID-0 array i have turned cache off entirely, same happens


i have disabled AMT in BIOS, same happens


i have disabled any power throttling features for the CPU in BIOS, same happens




tried disabling recent patches as shown above, same happens.


Purchased a used i7 2600, same happens


So i am only thinking of the PSU but i am not sure on the OS either ( still, with i5 2500 it all works fine ....... )

HP Recommended

if the 2500 cpu works fine but the 2600 has issues then i would try a diffrent 2600 (or any other cpu that works in a z210)  to see if your 2600 cpu is the problem


you can also try a "clean" windows 10 install (no other programs installed!!)  by downloading the os creater and making a usb install key and see if the issue persists on the clean win 10 install, this will rule out a software issue leaving the 2600 cpu as the prime suspect based on what you have described


changing the power supply is most likely not going to fix your issue in my opinion

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Thank you very much, this seems a solid approach, i already tried the CPU swap though ( "Purchased a used i7 2600, same happens" ) and i really regret not reading carefully your response on my other topic about the ATX PSU adapter ( will try that too btw ) What i have not yet checked is running with a clean Windows installation ( i am really puzzled what happened recently with my own setup that has been amazingly steady for years ) Anyways, i think alea jacta est and i will be building a new rig anytime soon. Thank you very much for your time on both threads

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