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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Z8 G840 Workstation

Recently i have been installed a second processor,  Now my Spec 




Memory 32*4(128GB) 3200Mhz ECC,


My company theme -Online Rendering studio(A Complete Solution for Architect, Interior & Exterior Design Rendering )


i am using for Architect, Interior, and Exterior Designing applications, those are mentioned below, 








*Adobe Photoshop 

*Adobe AfterEffect

*premiere pro






1, How i can utilize both processors together..?

2, is it possible to give multiple access to my freelancers through the remote Desktop Connection ..? and also i wanna use that system myself at the same time,  if it's yes, is it gonna affect the Performance ...? and should i upgrade any components of system ..? 

3. same application is it possible to use at the same time in multiple windows..?

4. is it possible to do GPU Rendering same time in multiple windows..?


5. how i can set up Multiple users in the system.?


My vision:

i have spent a lot of money on that workstation, so i wanna do all the design work from that platform.  i have 6 Freelancers, currently, they are not capable to use huge files in their system. so i wanna give access to my workstation to do all designing sessions.  



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due to the nature of your requests you might be best served by


1. locating a reliable computer consultant who specializes in the software apps/trade you are in this person can analyze your specific needs and then recommend different solutions tailored to your needs


2. posting/reading on the software forums of the software apps you use, these forums are specifically geared to the product and as such the users can provide useful help based on their experience with the software the software maker will also sometimes visit these forums


3. contacting the software  makers support via phone/email and asking for their recommendations


one quick tip i can give you is on windows photoshop, this applications should be started AFTER all other apps are loaded, this is because photoshop by default  will attempt to reserve all free ram for itself, causing apps loaded after it to have to use the windows swap file other OS's (such as Linux) may not have this issue


if you are under 10 users total, then a windows peer to peer setup can work, but you might want to consider a server/client based setup (again a consultant can determine what's best for your needs)

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so how i can make sure that both processors are working well? should i need to do any settings in Bios ?-or Need to Reinstall OS?

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Just open taskmanager and you will see s.th like this. (Rightclick on the graph and select) No biosupdate no OS. If only one CPU is listed, you have to activate that in BIOS Task_Manager_(Windows_10,_version_2004)_screenshot.png

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