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Workstation wx8600 system board for ProLiant ML150G3???

Product Name: ProLiant ML150G3

Hello folks


Hope someone can help - I've been running an old ProLiant ML150G3 as a home server and media server.


I wan't to upgrade by replacing the system board with a Workstation wx8600 480024-001 system board.


Can anyone think of a reason not to?


Thank you in advance



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Re: Workstation wx8600 system board for ProLiant ML150G3???

I can't think think of a reason not to try.
Just have to hope that the PSU's are interchangable.


That and finding the parts may be tough.

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Re: Workstation wx8600 system board for ProLiant ML150G3???

Hi Pseud,


Have you done it? Asking just out of personal curiosity as I saw the post today..  

I do think its possible but probably you need certain more changes, than just picking up a mainboard from one PC to fixig in anotherSmiley Tongue

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Re: Workstation wx8600 system board for ProLiant ML150G3???

Hi Nick


Sorry, not noticed your reply...


Story so far:


1) system board is same form factor, except xw8600 systemboard has 2 extra mounting points in the middle and minus 1 mounting point right front corner looking from the front to back with machine lying down (do you know if the form factor has a name - hptx; has that anything to do with HP or just an EVGA conincidence?) - so removed the mounting post front right of ml150g3 case and wondering what to do with the extra holes in the middle of the board - also, 150 front mounting holes 'slip' over posts and do not screw down, so will have to drill out the mounting holes on the 8600 baard from 4mm to 5mm to fit over the posts...


2) both 150 and 8600 power supplies seem to roughly conform to EPS spec; the 150 seems 150W under spec'ed - but, then there's no GPU card power supplies (x2) at 75W each and I wont be using those anyway - so, ok capacity wise: 4 x 12v rails cf 3 x 12v rails not including the cpu supply, the 8600 rails are all at 18A while the 150 rails are at 12A + 9A + 9A - *assuming* 12A goes to the main systemboard and each of 9As to peripheral/ hard-drive array and the other to momory


3) power to memory on the 8600 is via a 6pin molex cf 150 being 4pin molex - power to 8600 includes 2 of the 12v power rails, 1 split between 2 sets of pins the other with a pin set to itself; power to the 150 is only 1 of the 12v power rails split between 2 pins - so, with 12V x 9A from the 150 power supply, I figure I should have plenty to split off to the third set of pins on the 8600's 6pin molex header


4) i/o shield...  Hmmm...  As these are custom cases built for the boards, there's no detatchable i/o shield - so, a job for the hacksaw - I've cut out the panel from the 8600 before chucking the case, now all I have to work out is: do these boards conform to any specifications and if they do, are there specifications for the i/o shield dimensions if they were to exist - if I want to upgrade the board again, I'd like to be able to fit a i/o shield if one came with the board (after all, this case is built like the proverbial poo house and is well worth preserving) - so, any info there would be much appreciated


5) heat sink/ fan assembly...  I figured I'd be able to drop the 150 cooler on top of the 8600 board and chip - but, HP seem to have gone and changed the mounting system - aarrggg - the spacing of the posts is the same for the LGA 771, but the 8600 board has much bigger holes for what appear to be spacers on the 8600 heatsink screws (from what I've seen online) - I'm trying to work out the size of the spacers and whether I'm going to have to cut down the mounting posts on the 150 chasis to take the spacers - all a bit frustrating as putting the 150 cooler on is only a temporary measure until I install some water cooling (to keep it quite) but then I'll have to traverse the same problems when it comes to that anyway - any pointers to the 8600 cpu heatsink mounting mechanics would be much appreciated


So, there you go... :-)




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Re: Workstation wx8600 system board for ProLiant ML150G3???

Quick update - the form facor is an SSI EEB (somewhere between v3.61 and 2008, 2007 I guess but I haven't found that spec online)

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