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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



Please check am I correct:

I got Z800 (FF825AV) 

Boot block date 11/10/09

BIOS 3.61 

2x X5650, 48 GB RAM, GTX 660 TI, 1x SSD, 1x HDD, 1x Blu-ray 


1. So... As I read here I got Z800 v2? 

2. So... 2x X5690 will work? 

3. X5690 is latest compatible? 

4. It may need to upgrade the heat sink or is it a must to boot up after CPU update ??? 

5. It should have better PSU after update or it will be a must after update to boot up? (i don't know what PSU Is Now installed. 

6. Again, does an update from GTX 660 TI to 1080 TI will require new PSU? Or it is recommended 2


The thing is I cannot open Z800 and check serial number of a heat sink (please don't ask why). I can only open Z800 for once to update all - so I have to be sure before order parts... 

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a z800 using a x5690/5680 REQUIRES THESE COMPONENTS


1 upgraded 1110 watt supply (you can not use/run with the stock 850 watt unit)  200/300 dollars


2. the HP watercooling kit which supports 150 watt cpu

(the upgraded air cooled 130 watt coolers are not approved for the 5690 

 Approx 250/350 dollars when you can find one for sale


3. the second front case fan must be installed 15/25 dollars for the CORRECT HP fan


the above items are what HP states must be used when installing a 150 watt cpu


the cost involved in sourcing just the above components will be very close to a bare bones z820 or a compleat z800 system with the above mentioned items so you may want to buy a z820 system that already has the upgraded pwr supply/cpu's and heatsinks plus you also get usb 3.0 and pci-e 3.0


the 1115 watt supply is required for a nvidia 1080/1080 TI a stock 850 watt supply WILL NOT WORK RELIABLY



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Thanks for fast reply. 

Is there info in bios about power supply? 

What you mean RELIABLY? Hanging system / restarting? Or not working at full speed? 

Actually I want GPU just for Lumion rendering which it uses 100% GPU and 1 CPU core only. Will it work RELIABLY at 850 PSU at that scenario ?


And please answer is my Z800 regarding boot date capable of X5690 at all? 

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which part of "HP requires the above items for the x5690" are you having issues with? you were given the HP requirements necessary to run the x5690/x5680 cpu's, please do not then ask me if it's ok to ignore those requirements


if you wish to ignore the HP recommended specs that's your choice and if doing so causes problems then again that's something YOU will need to deal with


last, you already know the answer to your z800 boot block question, and a quick google check will easily confirm it

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I can read. And I understand perfectly.

The question about 1080 TI was about a real life experience with 850W unit. 


Ok. What is best performance GPU recommended for 850W unit with not requirements for other components upgrade? 

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look at the HP z800 "quickspecs" note the HP approved cards, select the last one in the High performance list (quadro FX5800)




then look at that card models power draw (wattage) and you now have the max wattage your card can draw




FYI, the fx5800 is just under 200 watts, so select any video card that is under this

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Thank you 

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GTX 1060 is about 200 watts. But how about performance lost when 1060 is PCI Express 3.0 and Z800 support only PCI Express 2.0?



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google is your friend,.......please use it for getting answers to simple questions


i just gave you  a detailed description on how to do this  in  regards to your video card question


if you read some of the hundreds of links on this subject (video card speed pci-e 3 vs pci-e 2) you will have your answer



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