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HP Z210 Workstation

I have a Z210 with new SSD hard drive.  I am trying to install Windows 10 on the hard drive from a USB drive.

I don't have the ability in the bios to boot from the USB drive (doesn't see me USB drive).


My Z210 currently has BIOS J51 v01.44.  I want to upgrade that to the current version of the BIOS 1.53 rev A.

I went and downloaded the new BIOS but the file is a exe thus expects windows to be running.


So, with my situation, how do I upgrade/update the bios ?



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Search in this forum about how to update BIOS from within BIOS.


Basically take the .exe you downloaded (SP76878) and run it on another workstation, but cancel out of it after it has proceeded into launch.  There will be a new folder (SWSetup) on the root level of your C drive.... in there will be SP76878 folder and in there is the DOS Flash folder, and in there isa .BIN file (J51_0153.BIN).


Put that .bin file on the top level of a thumb drive, insert it into a USB2 port, shutdown, and then boot into BIOS.  Under the first column of BIOS you will have the option there to update from within BIOS from that .bin file on the thumb drive.  The thumb drive is not bootable..... the BIOS can see the .bin file and work with it.


Some HP workstations have such old BIOS on them that you have to do the update in two steps, but you will need to dig into that if your 1.44 to 1.53 won't work.  I think it will.....

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 You need to unzip (extract the files) the .exe file with Winrar or other program to have more options to update the Bios.


You will be able to use USB or CD at startup to flash Bios.




once you have unzipped the .exe file click on the BIOS Flash.htm  where you can see detailed description of how to install the update to the BIOS.


Your PC should recognize the USB drive even without Bios update. Does the pendrive work on different PC? Is there an option in Bios to enable Boot from USB (maybe in different section than bootorder)? Have you tried the drive in different ports? Do you insert the drive before turning on PC?


Let me know,


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I have tried the USB drive on another computer and it works just fine.

I have enabled the boot from USB drive in the bios.

I have attached the USB drive prior to powering on the comptuter.

I have enabled USB booting.

I have tried all the USB ports.


Press F9 and it shows legacy and UEFI.  No devices under either.



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Sometimes my Z210 can be a little fussy with some USB memory stick i've used and the workstation may not see them at boot. So in such cases i simply reformat the USB memory stick to FAT32. If that doesn't work, i simply try another smaller sized USB memory stick. In most cases a reformat or another memory stick resolves the issue though i haven't delved into details of why this happens since the solution is simpler. Maybe it's related to a combination of format type and size but i'm not sure...


As for F9 not seeing your USB memory stick, unless it has a bootable partition, IIRC you wont likley see it as you can't boot from it.


Download the appropriate BIOS file from HP support pages for z210. It's important to look at all the version going back from latest to the version installed on your workstation. Check the dependancies of each version and if no BOS version is listed as a dependancy you don't have to stage the upgrade and can jump directly to the latest version.


So, once you know if BIOS update staging is needed or not, to update your BIOS without an OS on the workstation the simplest process is to use another PC or laptop and extract the files within the DOS FLASH directory found within the appropriate SPxxxx.EXE self extracting zip file.  I use 7-zip and extract the desired SPxxx.EXE files to the root of a FAT32 formated USB memory stick. You can do this on any PC that has 7-zip installed and it leaves no leftovers that need to be cleaned up (as is the case when running the EXE file).


Then  insert the USB memory stick into your Z210 and enter BIOS by repeatedly pressing F10 at boot time before jumping into "Flash System ROM" within File option. BIOS should find the file on the USB memory stick and proceed to update. IIRC going from 1.44 to 1.53 is OK.


Guess this is just restating what SDH said earlier but sometimes we need to here it twice :TongueOut:


However, i doubt updating the BIOS will resolve your Win10 USB install issue. I had problems with the Win7 & Win8 USB install sticks created by the MS win7 USB/DVD download tool (UDF ISO issues and NTFS format issues). I had to use RUFUS to make another install stick that was FAT32 formatted and bootable. So if you're still having install issues consider how you are creating the USB stick.


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