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HP Prime geometry app suggestions

When I tinkered with the Geometry App, there were a few things that came out that I'd like to pass on (to HP) as suggestions to consider:

  • it was hard to get to exact places on the touch screen, perhaps having a "grid snap" option and interval parameter would help
  • it was also hard to select objects on the screen, perhaps a way to select by box or circle would help (just draw a box or circle [gesture] around an object to select it). True, it might select several objects but perhaps a menu of selections could be used to get to the right object.
  • it would really be nice to be able to constrain various geometric properties about the relationship between objects -- such as the angles between objects (lines, segments, etc).  Then when one object is selected and perhaps moved, the constraints cause other object to move to keep the constraints true.


Those are direct suggestions but a general suggestion is more abstract to the application design objective. As is, the geometric app is probably ok for educational use / exploration of simple geometry.  But the objective could be expanded so that it could be useful "in the field" - for solving of geometry problems in the real world (if there is such).  By adding geometric constraints processing, and other features, it would be useful for such spatial problems such as "will that big bookshelf really fit through that door even if I rotate it like so?" or "how should I cut that board so that it is flush with this and that?", and so forth.  A "killer" geometric app might also be 3D or 4D (time constraints so that problems such as "if that pendulum swings just so, will it miss the other thingy?").

Just some rambling to hopefully inspire those killer app writers out there a bit.


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