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HP50G replacement please

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HP Prime not HP50G

Still hopefully waiting on a device to replace the HP50g.

Yes, I get it, the Prime is not a replacement.

We wasted our time (faculty member) & purchase of a half dozen units to find that out.

Our students and program (Enginering disciplines) had become quite dependent on the device.

The biggest shortfall is the lack of directory structure.

Yes, I have seen that some people do not see the necessity and even believe they are old fashioned.

Must be old fashioned here, feel it kind of keeps things organized.


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Hello Merak,


forget what you wish! The calculator branch of the HP-enterprise is only small, very small. The only advice for you is, to look in some online stores, where you get possibly some not selled HP 50g. In german online stores you can get the HP50g for 85 Euro, that isn't bad.


Or have a look to the competitors...


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It would be sad to see HP drop calculators for engineers, and other for whom the Prime does not seem to suit, however, it's understandable as the biggest market these days seems to be education and it needs a LOT of ancillary material.  It's probably a crazy idea, but I wondered if maybe we the users could design a calculator in partnership with HP, for engineers and scientists.  Enough of us, with the right skills could take to the ready to manufacture stage, and provide much of the lifetime support.

The first step would be a basic design, it's pretty much just a small computer, with display and keyboard, a flash card slot and USB are almost essential.  Touchscreens and styli are not necessary to me.  So there's a start.  Costs need to be modest, so maybe a single board computer such as a Raspberry Pi or similar.  Any B series Pi would work for development, with the compute module as the likely candidate in the final product.  At this stage, I doubt the Pi Zero is a candidate, it'd basically need a second computer to do everything, and communicate through a Zero's USB port.  For display, I'd consider e-ink like in Kindles if they do color; although a color VGA LCD is more likely.  A physical keyboard is something I used to know how to do electronically, it may need an encoder or the computer module may work, some may prefer the touchscreen.

Next, is what model HP calculator do we build on?  History is important to me so that suggests the HP-35, there were also very significant other devices over time.  The HP 41 series in one, and the HP-42s already has a great emulator online.  I was a big fan of the HP-71 as well.  Lastly, I would try to incorporate a well known programming language, as for which I expect this could cause a war so here are what seem to be facts.  C++ would probably be the language to develop software on, so it's there.  BASIC has a history on small computers and the additional maths functions could be added.  Python is very popular today, but I abandoned it recently.  My reason, is arbitrary precision and the numbers I was using kept breaking it; I would however very much want arbitrary precision in the calculator.

Oh yes, a name; I was thinking of HP Pi.  Not because it has a Pi inside, that coincidence came later.  The reason for this name is the importance of Pi in mathematics.  Before that, I was looking at HP-99, or another unused two digit number in their calculator range.

OK, that's enough for you (and me) to digest in one hit, and for me to commit unless this takes off.  What do you think?

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Hi!, @Merak :

What do you need to replace the powerful HP50G for, if with what it has, you can manage ? There is a place where they can help you with programming. Even if you can indicate which are the needs in calculations that you have, I can help you to program both in RPL or SysRPL. The consultation sites are ...

And i create many libraries years ago in RPL and SysRPL, for calculus of Enginnering in the site …

Kind Regards !.
Have a nice day !.
@Maké (Technical Advisor Premium - HP Program Top Contributor).
Provost in HP Spanish Public Forum ...
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