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Install and run TED on the hp 50g



I have downloaded and transferred the TED binary file to my HP 50g.


My question is: How do I run or install it?




Don James

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Re: Install and run TED on the hp 50g

I will assume that you sent the "ted.hp" file to your 50g, and it's now in a variable called 'ted' in your Home directory.


It must be in a port (0, 1, or 2) to work.  To move it from Home to Port 2:


1. Press left-shift APPS (FILES), ENTER. This launches the filer.

3. Be sure the "ted" file, which should say L994 12263 next to it, is highlighted (use the arrow keys if necessary).

3. Press F3 (MOVE)

4. Press the 2 key (the digit). This moves the TED library to port 2. This takes about 3 or 4 seconds.

5. Press ON to exit the filer.

6. Press and hold down ON, then press and release F3, then release ON. This attaches the TED library. This takes a few seconds, during which the screen blinks. TED is now ready to use.


To use the TED library:


1. Press right-shift 2 (LIB).

2. If you don't see TED in the menu, press NXT until you do.

3. Press the TED menu key.  The TED and VV menu keys are now ready to be used.


In RPN mode, place any object (such as a program) on stack level 1 and press TED, to launch the fast editor.

Place a string on level 1 and press VV to view it using the fast scrolling viewer.

Press ENTER to exit TED and VV.


Instead of using the LIB menu, you can also just type TED or VV.  Or assign them to keys.


Hope that helps!



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