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iPAQ 211 and Windows 8

I am unable to get my iPAQ 211 to sync with my Outlook 2010 email on my new Windows 8 PC. I am running Windows 8 64-bit, and have the Windows Mobile Device Center running. WMDC shows that my PDA is connected, but every attempt to sync email, calendar, contacts, and tasks results in Sync Started, then Sync Failed, then Sync Error ("ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop"). No prompts ever came up and I can't find where to configure this sync to occur with my Outlook mail, either. WMDC has a VALID CONNECTION, and I can browse files on my PDA with the connection made - I just can't sync email.


Are there plug-ins I need, or driver updates, or what? ActiveSync worked normally with this PDA and my older Windows XP desktop. Any ideas?

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Re: iPAQ 211 and Windows 8

Unfortunately, there is no version of ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center that is compatible for syncing between Outlook on a Windows 8 computer and a windows mobile device.  since the OS has been discontinued and is no longer supported, I doubt there will be any update for WMDC to make it work on Windows 8.


Since the IPAQ 211 runs windows mobile 6.x, you could sync the device to a Windows Live account, and get your contacts and appointments synced over to the ipaq from there.  You'd need to install the Outlook Hotmail Connector to sync this data from Outlook on your computer to your Windows Live account.  


You can learn more about setting up the Outlook Hotmail Connector and how to sync a windows mobile 6.x device to a Windows Live account by reviewing these articles that are posted to my blog:











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Re: iPAQ 211 and Windows 8

Thanks, Julie, great advice and information. I will give your suggestions a try, and report back. My prior use (Windows XP and Vista) of the hp iPAQ has included seamless syncing email, tasks, calendar, and contacts, via ActiveSync. But appointments and contacts are the most important of these, and email has been informational only. So the limitations on NOT using my POP mail and NOT using my Task List aren't so great. Well, the email anyway. I would still like to have my tasks show up, but I can deal with them manually - my list isn't a long one!


Now if I can figure out why Windows 8 has such poor support for legacy .WAV file sounds in "older" programs (yeah, my MS Outlook 2010 alert sounds no longer work in Windows 8, unless I convert to a very short and very boring set of Windows 8 sounds! NEVER UPGRADE TO ANY VERSION 1 is an old rule of mine, and I should have followed it! Windows 8 is revolutionary, indeed! I just wish it was really ready for prime time, and not just about competition with a "fruity" OS!

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Re: iPAQ 211 and Windows 8

I have the same problem syncing my HP iPAQ rx4200 with my new Windows8 PC.  Is it the same fix? Could you step me through the fix please.

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Re: iPAQ 211 and Windows 8

I have tried to log onto the Julie's link: Sync your windows mobile 6.x phone to your Windows Live account but get always the message that the page is not available. My problem is syncing the iPAQ 211 to my HP laptop that runs on Windows 8.1. Could anybody please step me through on how to get this accomplished?


I have Outlook 2010 and Outlook Connector installed on my laptop. When I connect the iPAQ via USB the laptop makes the connecting sound but the iPAQ does not show up in the MY Computer window. This means that the computer does not recognize the handheld. I have not yet signed up for a Microsoft Life Account because I think that my laptop should first of all recognize the iPAQ when it is plugged in. Please help I use the iPAQ for just about anything and feel very uncomfortable not being able to back up my data. Thank you, awwzph.

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