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email.jpg"I've got ePrint.  Now what?"  If you're visiting the HP Consumer Support Forum in search of ePrint support, you're not alone, and we're here to help.


ePrint is a new service from HP that allows you to print on your ePrint printer by sending an email to the printer.  It enables you to send print jobs from any smart phone or computer directly to your printer, no matter where you are in the world.  Cool, huh?  It's very simple to use, and if you're comfortable sending email, ePrint will be a piece of cake.


I'd like to direct your attention to the Post of the Week, a useful post within the ePrint board.


Post of the Week...

cleaning.JPGSpring is in the air in the Northern Hemisphere, and for many of us, it's time to get a little "spring cleaning" done!  Since we spend so much time with our computers, depending on them for so many professional and personal tasks, why not include them in our organizational activities?


In the Post of the Week, mws_1984 expressed an interest in cleaning up his computer, in the hope of optimizing performance and increasing speed.  He didn't want to start the project haphazardly though, and he wanted to avoid deleting anything important.

Post of the Week...

top20_2011-03-25.jpgThis week's featured thread is a fun one (read: tough!), and it is a prime example of the excellent collaboration we see out on the boards every day.  Three heads are always better than one, right??


Peter_Rob came to the HP Support Forum with an issue performing a system recovery.  He needed to restore his system without using recovery DVDs, and he was running into problems.


Post of the Week...

teacher.jpgDo you have a "go to" guy or gal that you approach with computing and printing questions?  Well, luckily, the HP Consumer Support Forum is chock full of knowledgeable people who are more than willing to offer their assistance and expertise.


In this week's featured thread, deaj05 wondered about the differences between Windows System Image and HP Recovery.  After searching for an answer himself, he eventually posted his question on the HP Support Forums to see if any experts would have some insight. 


Post of the Week...

frustrated.JPGHow many of you have been so frustrated with your computer that you wanted to toss it in the garbage?  I can absolutely sympathize, and for many PC users, lockups, freezes, and hangs are common culprits.


In the Post of the Week, MesaRey was experiencing an annoying and very common problem.  He was receiving frequent errors, which would cause various software programs to shut down.  Not only is this issue a nuisance, unsaved data can be lost in the process.


Post of the Week...

wireless_asst.jpgIn this week's featured thread, new member, trugge2, was having trouble getting his wireless LAN adapter working.  After reinstalling Windows 7, he had to download a series of drivers, and everything was functioning except for wireless.


The issue was a complicated one, but trugge2 made it much easier by providing as much information as he possibly could.  Erico quickly stepped in to help, guiding trugge2 through the process of determining which driver to use.


Post of the Week...

backofcomputer2.jpgPerforming upgrades to a home PC can be a challenging and daunting undertaking.  Deciding WHAT to upgrade can often be more confusing than actually making the improvements.


In this week's featured thread, karen445 expressed an interest in installing a better graphics card and power supply in her desktop computer. 


Hanspuppa makes the process for karen445 much easier by providing specs for her HP computer, information about the video card, recommendations, and possible issues that may arise.


Post of the Week...

detective.JPGAsking a good question is often just as important as the answer that follows, and this week's featured post highlights just that.


After performing a system recovery, stratogustav couldn't locate his important files; family photos, music, and videos could not be found in his "My Documents" folder, where they had been previously.


CherylG jumped in to help with the issue, and in this series of posts, stratogustav did a fantastic job of not only explaining to CherylG about the problem, but SHOWING her as well.


Post of the Week...



With the many online television and movie viewing opportunities that are now available, it is becoming more and more common to use a large television in place of a standard monitor.


In this week's "Featured Post," DavidPK helped Zack1 do just that.


Post of the Week...

printer.JPGAfter reading through lengthy support documents, have you ever wished that someone would just SHOW you how to fix your computer or printer issue instead of having to wade through confusing technical instructions?  Well, often a picture, and in this case a video, is worth a thousand words of geek-speak.


In this Post of the Week, skippyjohnson shares a series of videos demonstrating how to locate a driver on the HP Support website and then how to install it.


Post of the Week...

checklist.JPGSometimes the best answers are short and sweet.  In this week's featured post, Daniel_Potyrala proves that quality doesn't have to equal quantity; a post does not have to be long in order to help someone out.


This past week Donguard56 came to the forums in search of help for his laptop.  Recently the touch buttons for Mute, Volume, and Wireless stopped working, and he was at a loss for a solution.  


Don searched around online for assistance, trying many things, even reinstalling Windows at one point.   He was baffled and frustrated, and nothing he tried fixed his problem. Finally, Don posted his question on the HP Support Forums.


Post of the Week...

dog_cat.JPGMany a laptop has been strangled by pet hair.  Yes, you read correctly.  Strangled. To death.


While dogs and cats may be man's best friend, they are definitely not your PC's best friend, and they may contribute to its slow and painful demise.


One of my own notebook computers met this common fate three years ago, and sadly, if I'd seen Knute's extremely useful post, I probably could have saved it!


Post of the Week...

top20_2010-12-17.JPGCheck out the top 20 posters this week!  Big_Dave is #1 for the 2nd week in a row - you rock, Big_Dave!  Thank you to everyone else who helped someone out this week. This forum wouldn't be the award-winning community that it is without each and every one of you.


This week's featured post by Daniel_Potyrala discusses a customer's issue getting wireless working after losing his drivers during a Windows 7 installation.

Post of the Week...

top20_2010-12-10.JPGHere are the top 20 posters this week - Big_Dave is back on top!  Thank you to the fantastic vets and newbies who make up this list; your participation is invaluable to our community.


This week's featured post was not only extremely helpful to a customer, it is a friendly reminder that we all should ensure that we have Recovery Discs (adding to my "To Do" list now... Smiley Very Happy).

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