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A nightmare experience with Hp company product and costumer services

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On September 22, 2010 I bought a HP Pro Notebook with a business purposes. Unfortunately, to my findings the laptop came with manufacturing defects.

The issue was being reflected as a battery charging problem.

As I am a very busy business person, On October 30, 2010 I finally contacted HP technical support and they sent me a new battery. The battery was able to charge for about two weeks, then the problem insisted and it would not charge again. I called for support once more and after telling the same story to so many different HP representative they guided me trough so many different departments, with so many runarounds, my laptop starting working. A few weeks later the laptop started to fail again, still with the same issue. It just would not hold charge.

 I called HP back only to go trough the same nightmare. Then they sent me another new battery. However, this time my laptop still would not work. I called yet another time and was told that this time they would send me a new adapter. As I received this new equipment it made no difference and my laptop was still not working. I called HP support and a lady representative told me, “Oh, this is happening because your laptop is not recognizing Mozilla, let’s change to internet explorer.” As I am not the computer expert here, so we did. I have to admit, I had my doubts in regards to why it would matter what internet program I use as I did not see the relevance with the battery not charging. As the story goes, I had to a few days later call the HP support to let them know that this is still not working. Please note that every time that I had to make the call to HP support, it took for me to start from the beginning with the history of my laptop issues. I also always seemed to be speaking with someone that is located in India and barely understood anything they said. One department was also always sending me to the next. They seemed to be taking notes of the conversations but never had a reference number for me at the end. Well this time the representative asked if I could send the laptop to the technical repair department so that they could look at it to detect what the problem is. Very frustrated but without any other choice or resolution I agreed. They proceeded to send me a prepaid box in which came with specific instruction to how to insert the laptop in a safe manner.

Well, two days later I receive my laptop back. I was stunned to how quick they were able to resolve my issues and was looking forward to finally using my laptop. I had a planned business trip and did not have the time to test that it was actually functioning but upon my return, I was able to quickly notice that I had no clue why my laptop was sent back to me unrepaired. At this point, I am thinking to myself that this could not be and I dread calling HP again but had no choice but to.  Honestly, to make a long story short, they once again sent me another battery and of course it did not work.

I called HP again and this time demanded to speak to someone that would actually be able to assist me and told them how disappointed I was with their product and definitely with their customer service. The lady who attended to me this time tried to calm me down and attempted to have me send this laptop to the repair center again. I thought it was a joke but then she actually had the audacity to tell me that it should be sent in because the first time I did this it was not completely checked for any manufacturing defects. In shock with what I had just been told I was angry. I told the lady to go ahead and send me the box for me to send it in again and told her to notate that this will be the last time that I would be doing this and that I demand they fix it or replace.

A few days later of this, I receive an email that I quite did not understand and once again I was in complete shock. This email was stating that my unit had arrived with damages and that the repairs would cost about $600. The damages were that the LCD screen was shattered and that the adapter was completely bent. I immediately called the number provided in the email requesting an explanation. I was told they have photos of the damages of the unit and that it was not broken in their facility. My reply was if they were trying to suggest that I sent in a damaged unit they had a thing coming. I requested copies of these photos and further more I requested photos of the box in which the unit was sent in to have proof without reasonable doubt that the unit was not damaged in transportation or in their facility. Of course she could send me pictures of the damaged units but stated that no photos of the box were taken because there was no need and the signee of the received shipment stated that there were no external damages. I could not help but feel, how ironic is it that when I state that this would be the last time that I will contact HP or send this unit in for repair, it actually arrives to them “damaged”. Further more, how ironic is it that the original problem is not even mentioned as needed to be repaired. So it’s like I will come out of pocket for a laptop that has never worked, that has caused me nothing but frustration, irritation, and time off of work as I have been going through this back and forth with HP for about five months. In the end is as if HP will not stand behind their product and the customer is wrong no matter what. I could not even get information regarding the courier to have someone to either blame or to at the least attempt to find out what happened to my non functioning laptop as it left my office not in working condition but nothing was physically damaged. The person I spoke to at HP stated that they have a contract with FedEx / UPS and that if it had appeared to be damaged on shipping the HP signee would of never accepted the unit or would of notated it. Basically, as a customer I was just wrong and because I could not prove that this was sent none damaged, HP declared me guilty, literally. The only deal this lady wanted to do with me is knock off the price of the adapter and some other thing equivalent to about $200. I was given a day to consider it, but at the end of the day I requested for my unit to be returned non-repaired as I was not going to invest anymore energy and headache onto this situation. I receive my unit back and it is the same box that I used to send in the unit and it does not look as if someone hit with a bat but it does look like as if the fragile label on it was absolutely ignored and in the inner box as well as the outer, matching the tear on the LCD screen is a visible dent. The box they use is not designed to protect the screen.

And as a conclusion to all of this HP still sends me a bill for $89, this must be a joke.

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